• BLACK SOX SOFTBALL.......On The Move In 2019!
  • Back in Texas again. Out to build a contender.
  • Philippians 4:13, John 3:16, John 11:25-26, Romans 12, Micah 6:8, Proverbs 3:5-6
  • COS CW Sun. White 2-peat/back to back Champs Summer & Fall '18
  • Just Win Baby/Pride & Poise Boys



"Black & Grey all the way" 





Very rough HAT logo prototype. Letters to be grey already in the works





 In Texas, "Mountaineers" won't work, so that chapter is done. "Black Sox" is the team name moving forward. New shirts are identical except for the name. Silver cursive/white outline on black with "Softball tail" & huge white softball in place of the mtn logo with solid black socks cut out of it. Already in the works.






"Back home again in Texas"







Website Disclaimer

This website is an easy go to anytime information center that serves the members, sponsors & friends of this softball team for schedules, stats, announcements, pics, team philosophy, team history, player honors, ect. It's been a long running site & has worked well for the purposes intended.





Our objective is to win games. Bottom line. Look/play like a team & win. That's job 1. Must find players good enough to make it happen. Doesn't matter if it's marbles/pro sports/rec sports/car-yard maintenance/running a business, whatever it is,.....you always strive to be the best or don't do it at all. This is a "league" team, but NOT a "fun bunch" type team for novices/those just not very good to lose & be indifferent about competing/winning. You CAN be a league team that is serious about the wins. While we DO want to have fun (& we will), the single purpose for this team is to compete & win the league every season we play. The entire roster must reflect this mindset. 

"There's a lot that want to play, but only a few want to win".  -  Marcus Allen

"Be in the right place, with the right uniform at the right time, and win. It's that simple".  - Ft Carson Captain G.R. Nieradka 

"Never underestimate the heart of a champion". - Rudy Tomjonovich

Someones gotta win league? Why not us? We're a competitive minded league team wanting to win in normal leagues, NOT vs tourney teams playing league. That sums it up. Have fun & win league softball games. 










Team Happenings

********For more info about the team, @ the top of the page click the "pages" tab for a drop down menu of several more pages. For info on the team's season/players/stats/philosophy/thoughts/standings/results/ect, click on any of the other tab options.



 ********RECRUITING FOR A NEW TEAM IN NACOGDOCHES,.....Now recruiting the essential reliable building blocks & foundational players to build a solid team that consistently produces, is driven to win games & have fun doing it. Looking to debut the new team with a triumphant return to Nac (for the 1st season there in 25 years), for the Summer or Fall '19 season. Gotta start recruiting now.

Shirts/hats are provided each week & black socks given out at the beginning of the season to wear each week & you keep the socks. I'm the mgr/pitcher/50. I don't care THAT much about age, whether your 20 or 50, but DO care about is your proven ability to hit consistently well for high avg/high O.B.% & field well. Your ability & good attitude matters most.

All names on roster come in with the understanding that if they are what they say they are, they will be on the team, BUT, we will still have team "tryouts" just to make sure. 


I left Nac in early Jan 1996 & the last season played there was Summer 1995. Wanna win from the start & must find the right guys to achieve that objective. If anyone in the greater Nac area sees this & is interested,....please email Blacksoxsoftball@yahoo.com



********WEEKLY BATTING LEADERS - Coming soon,.....Great job guys, this is what we need. It's good to give out weekly recognition & motivation to be on here. Below is what was batted for a particular week of the season. For final season batting stats, see "roster" tab.  









********REGISTRATION FEES,.....Looking forward to the cheaper fees in Tx. COS fees are $605 per season for 8 games & that includes "ump fees". In Nac, it's $385 per season for 10 games & NO "ump fees". HUGE difference. For a full calendar year of 3 seasons, that's $660 in savings. Just wow. Would love to find team sponsorship as well. We had it there for 2 different years in '94 & '95. Hopefully that can happen again. 



********PLAYER ACTIVITY,.....looking forward to building as good of a team as possible, as quick as possible.















Rainout Information


Evidently, any weather delay info will be posted on the above website. Can't believe there is no rain out # to call. This will have to be clarified for sure.