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Brookfield Baseball League


Welcome to the Brookfield Baseball League

2020 Rules of the BRKBL

The Brookfield Baseball League will be pick-up style baseball, every Saturday at 9 AM and we will play two 5-inning baseball games. Rest of the rules are listed below:

- Wood Bats Only

- 5 Inning Games

- 2 Outs Per Inning

- Slow Pitch With L-Screen

- 6 Run Cap Per Inning (Home Runs Can Push Total Over Six. Example: Grand Slam With 5 Runs = 9)

- 7 Player Maximum In Field (3 Minimum)

- Batting Order Must Consist Of Every Player

- If A Player Has Hit 5 Home Runs In A Game, They Must Hit Switch-Hit The Rest Of The Game

- Pitchers Poison (Avoid Injuries At First Base)

- Players Must Keep Their Own Game Stats (At-Bats, Hits, Home Runs, RBIs)

- No Stealing

Expected to start season March 22nd 9AM and every Saturday at 9 AM

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