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Brookwood Football Practice Attendance Policy

Building a competitive football program requires sacrifices from all stakeholders.  The major issue we have dealt with over the last six months is player attendance at workouts and practice and this must change!  Below is a copy of the August calendar that was given to players in May and posted on the this website since the beginning of June.  The complete calendar can be accessed on this site by clicking on the schedules tab above and selecting calendar from the drop down menu.

With our official first day of practice being Monday, August 5th, all players are expected to be in attendance at ALL team events!  Any player that misses a practice between August 5th and August 17, will be ineligible for one half of a game, for each practice missed.  Beginning August 18, which is our first game week, a missed practice will result in the player not dressing for the game that week.  The exceptions to this rule will be few but will include a death in the immediate family. Thank you in advance for your understanding with this policy.  


2019 Brookwood Panther Seniors

2019 Brookwood Panther Seniors

What is Brookwood High School Football All About?

BHS Football Vision Statement:

         To develop service focused student athletes of character that strive for excellence in all aspects of life


BHS Football Mission Statement: Building Champions for Life!

  • Forge the foundation that will yield a lifetime of success for our players.

  • Develop student/athletes who are committed to personal excellence and team success.

  • Provide inspirational and motivational environment where preparation, practice and hard work generate legitimate opportunities for success.

  • Focus on the things we can control, effort and attitude, not the things we can not control.

  • Emphasize the importance and development of fundamentals and techniques necessary for

    positive experiences in football and in life.

  • Create a consistently exciting and entertaining program that generates huge levels of support, pride, and tradition for all in our community to share.


BHS Football Core Values:
          Commitment: Be willing to do the little things everyday that will allow you to achieve personal excellence              in the classroom, athletics, and our community.

          Integrity: Do what is right. Be honest and loyal to parents, coaches, teachers, classmates, and teammates.

          Pride: It is a personal commitment; it is an attitude, which separates excellence from mediocrity. We will                  strive for that excellence in everything we do!

          Teamwork: Teamwork is achieved when individuals make personal sacrifices to work together for the                       success of the group.

           Discipline: Means being mentally and physically tough, to continually improve and become the best student,             athlete, mentor, and family member we can be.

           Effort: Give everything we have in everything we do in the classroom, athletics, and in our community.

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