• Draft Complete!
  • Spring Training soon to start!


Hello fans! The 2016 Post Season is fully under way! 



 The EUCLID HORNS are the 2016 BWL CHAMPS! They took Game 1, lost a heart breaker in Game 2, and Won in Game 3. 


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Spartans: Luke Terlap & Logan Kemp 

SwordFish: Jake Folsom & Tanner Terlap

Beavers: Colton Wurzer-Seepers & Breck Ferrin 

Horns: Luke Folsom, Pryce Ferrin & Luke Wright

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    The Spartans are the only all rookie team in 2016. Led by Luke Terlap they cashed in the number 1 draft selection for Tanner Terlap. They had a rough go at it in Week 1, dropping all 3 of their games without much to show for it. But boy did they turn around, they fought there way back going 3-3 in the RS upsetting both the Top 2 Seeds. They came into the Playoff Series hot, and stayed that way. They swept the SwordFish, thanks to quality ABs by Luke Terlap and stellar pitching by Tanner Terlap. 

Pre-Season Prediction: 2nd




  The SwordFish led by 2015 MVP Jake Folsom were going to be the team to bet on this year. With the second pick of the draft they selected Colton Wurzer-Seepers the 2015 Runner Up. Jake Folsom alone can bring the SwordFish to the top, last year putting an MVP worthy 20 home run season together, but this year had problems with being inconsistant.  Colton Wurzer-Seepers had an average season as well, but the SwordFish needed more than average. They went 3-0 in Week 1, but then proceeded to drop 2 the following Week. Once again inconsistancy... They just didn't have enough to put them past the Spartans in the Playoffs, getting swept. 

Pre-Season Prediction: 1st




    The Beasts led by 2015 Best Pitcher Logan Kemp, got lucky and stole Breck Ferrin with the 3rd pick in the draft. Logan Kemp alone can bring them to the top, with both very solid pitching and batting all of last year. However this year he dealt with a knee injury that sidelined him for 3 Games, and that hurt the Beasts. Breck Ferrin had to play alone, and didn't have enough gas in the tank to win those by himself. They went into the Playoffs 1-5, then got swept by the Horns in 2 games.

Pre- Season Prediction: 3rd




    The Horns are led by 2015 BWL Champion Luke Folsom. The cashed in the 4th and 5th draft picks with Rookie Pryce Ferrin and Luke Wright. After being predicted to be in the basement of the league, a 4-2 finish is great! The Horns hit and pitched their way through many of games, but lost two heartbreakers for their only loses. They went 2-1 both weeks, aquiring the Top Seed for the tournament. In the Playoffs Pryce Ferrin's bat, and Luke Folsom's pitching swept the Beasts.

Pre-Season Prediction: 4th