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Holy Flames Vs Worcester 78's

Saturday, the 17th of November, The Bronx Holy Flame picked up a 121-107 victory against, the Worcester 78’s. The action was fast paced from the start of the game, to the end. The team took advantage of Worcester’s two technical and kept the ball moving in transition. Jonathan Greenfield had a team high 28 points. He had a heavy second quarter, left the game during the third quarter, and returned in the fourth, leading the Holy Flame charge to end the game. Natzier D. and Kareem Corpew also had a great game, contributing 24 and 22 points. Kevin Pegram and Iyoha Agho had a solid outing, putting up 12 and 15 points. Roshawn Polight, played solid defense for the minutes he played, as well as contributing 6 points. He left the game during the second quarter though with an apparent ankle injury. Simon played all four quarters but struggled with fouls. All around it was a great team outing and something the team can continue to do.

Sale of Bronx Holy Storm

A few weeks ago, a transaction was made including the sale of the Bronx Holy Storm. The team was sold to Anthony Francis. Anthony was is a former GM of the Bronx Holy Flame. He was also a student manager at St John’s University. He’s looking forward to what the team can accomplish and what he can do to help them get to where they need to be. He wants to get his players exposure, whether it be scouts coming to the games or just having game film available.  Anthony expects the team to play at a high level, with respect, discipline and composure. He believes the team can succeed if they are disciplined on defense, smart on offense and all-around team ball. In his spare time Anthony works as a boys and girls club activity specialist in Metro Queens and South Ozone Park.

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Season Opener 2018

This past Saturday the 28th of October, the Bronx Holy flame, played their season against the Baltimore Hawks. Despite the 157-110 loss, there are a few high lights. Rookie, Jabriel Blue, led the way with 38 points, bringing energy from start to finish. Veteran, Jonathan Greenfield, followed with 26 points. Korey Watson also made his Holy Flames debut. He played extremely hard and contributed 10 points. Dominick Watson made his Holy Flame debut as well, with 8 points. He had a solid outing, although he was injured and had to receive treatment, he continued to play. Bernard Cherry also made his debut. He had 6 points but, had to leave the game with an ankle injury. Haron Hargrave, co-founder of Ballin4Peace, made his debut as well. He contributed 16 points. He is known to be a great scorer, but the underwhelming performance was due to lack of practice with an ABA league ball. There are some kinks on defense to be worked out this Thursday in practice. Looking forward, the flame plan to fix what was wrong Saturday and get on a winning streak.

Media Day 2018 pt 1

Otto Malloy (Storm)

Coming into this season Otto stated that he is feeling good. He is used to playing with a few of the guys, so chemistry should be good, and the team should get far. Otto is an essential player for his team. He likes to get the ball around, as well as being a rough house and outside scorer. To be a high-ranking team, Otto believes that the team has great talent and guys that can work together well. There is an improved core to the team and they can get further than they did last season. In his spare time Otto helps AAU teams in his community and is planning to start and attend some upcoming charity events.         

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Kareem Corprew (Flames)

Coming into this season Kareem is feeling comfortable with his body and mindset. He does feel that the team needs to mesh more to be able to succeed. He does need to be more physically ready for the season though. “The guys in this league are rougher and more competitive. You have to be able to deal with it to succeed.” Kareem is expecting this season to be a playoff season. To get there he stated that he needs to work on his conditioning. “Nobody can stop me except myself”. Conditioning is key to winning games and doing what you can do best on the court. To get to the playoffs as a unit, Kareem stated that the team needs to play together. “It doesn’t matter if you have 50 points, if the team didn’t win.” His role on the team is to do whatever is asked, whether its rebounding, scoring, or facilitating the ball. He’s a team minded player but knows what he can do to contribute when needed.  Kareem also said that to be able to win, emotions need to be limited. Arguing with Refs in transition allows the other team to take advantage and put up easy points. In his free time Kareem works and is planning to start his own company soon.

Haron Hargrove

Haron is feeling good coming into this season. He’s been playing a lot more ball to prepare himself. He’s ready to get to know the players and team mates, as well as taking everything serious. Haron is ready to take a leadership role and display his veteran skills with the experience he has. He played college ball at Sacramento State and has played oversees in countries like Romania, Hungry, China, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Columbia. He expects this to be a playoff and championship season. To get there, Haron is ready to go to war with his guys. He knows what his teammates can do, and spirits must remain high. To win the team must be consistent and the team must practice together. That’s the best way to build chemistry and work on things to get better. In his spare time Haron runs an organization caked Balling for Peace. The theme of the organization is “Peace through sports”. They have multiple charity events throughout the year, with the next one coming up next in November.

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Fred Cadet & Juwan Wright (Storm)

Fred is feeling excited for this season and is ready to win. He expects to be able to build as a team. He wants to take a leadership role, contribute the best way he can, and control the flow of the game, when he is on the court. Juwan, going into his second season is ready to compete and win. Last season was a learning experience and there is more than he feels that he can work on to be a better play for his team. He does want to work on his conditioning and get back into the game. Both players are expecting to build team chemistry and make this season, a winning season. They are also expecting to coexist in the back court, as a dynamic defensive duo. They realized they worked well together last season, but it was too close to the end of the season to show their full potential. Fred offers a defensive mindset and rebounding from the guard position. Juwan offers communication defensively. In his spare time, Fred take time to guide youth in the right direction in life and basketball. In the future he wants to coach. On the other hand, Juwan trains youth 8 to 12 years old. He finds a passion in teaching skills that can be used on and off the court.

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Shemar Henry & Mike Bravo (Storm)

Coming into this season Shemar believes that the team has a long way to go. Mike, who is going into his 4th season, but 3rd with the Holy Flame organization, knows what to expect. Shemar is a guard and wants to improve on his leadership, as well as set an example for his teammates. Mike is a knockdown shooter. This season he wants to share his knowledge to the younger guys. He also wants to improve on his leadership and communication. Shemar and Mike are expecting to win this season and end with a championship. I noticed their tattoos and asked about them. Shemar’s says, “I suffered, I learned, I changed.” It is reminder to help him find himself when he is going through a rough patch. Mike on the other hand wants to break stereotypes with his tattoos and show that he is a kind-hearted guy. In his spare time Shemar goes back to his elementary school and helps set up events for students. Mike participates in multiple charity events like breast cancer awareness and back to school. He also mentor’s youth.

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Kory Watson & Jeffery James (Storm)

Coming in to the season Kory is feelings good. He feels like he will accomplish a lot and team he has will be great at getting wins. Jeffery is feeling good and excited for the opportunity he has this season. To get to the playoffs both believe that the team needs to play hard and believe in each other. Kory is a leader and wants to push everyone to their full potential, as well as spread the ball. Jeffery is a shooter who is transitioning to point guard. He is willing to do what is needed to get wins. He wants to improve on moving the ball, trusting each other and earning his spot. He can do this by developing his skills and continuing to learn. Kory wants his teammates to play together and not be selfish. In his spare time Jeffery is planning to coach an 18u team and take advantage of that experience.

Jonathan Greenfield & Iyoha Agho (Flames)

Coming into this season Jonathan is feeling tougher. He is expecting bigger guys and top competition. He is also expecting more wins and a better record. Iyoha is in shape and ready to run because most teams in the league like to push the ball Both guys feel like the teams have the talent to exceed expectations. Jonathan offers whatever the teams needs. Iyoha is a knock down shooter and can do what he does best. To win, Jonathan believes in his teammates and hopes that one will make the best decisions for the team. Iyoha is focusing on how the team works as a unit and playing hard. In his spare time, Iyoha wants to teach children skills that they can take away from basketball and use in real life. Jonathan attends evens and teaches the fundamentals of basketball, as well as shares his knowledge with youth.

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Simon Gebord & Jabriel Blue (Flames)

Coming into this season Simon is feeling great. He dropped a few pounds and is feeling like he can move the way he wants to. Jabriel is feeling blessed for having the opportunity. Both guys just want to win. They foresee a great season and using teamwork get the wins needed. Simon is a leader and wants to keep the flow of the game smooth and keep everyone together. Jabriel brings energy at all time, whether he is starting or coming of the bench. Simon plans to help everybody get better and recognize success. Jabriel wants to go into next summer as a better player. Both guys agreed on having a family mentality and having faith in everyone’s game. In his spare time, Simon plays in Newburgh tournaments and gives high school workouts. Jabriel does music and is planning to start up an annual block day in his community.

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Jamaal Thomas & Roshawn Polight (Storm; Flames)

Coming into this season Jamaal is feelings mentally strong. He wants to learn and develop more, as well as learn his teammates strengths and weaknesses. Roshawn is feeling strong and wants to win. Both guys have the same mindset, “WIN, WIN, WIN.” Jamaal offers intense defense, along with a shooters touch and the ability to create for himself or others. Roshawn offers intense defense and leader of the press. Both guys agreed on not focusing on good mistakes. You get better by addressing the bad ones and improving on them. Roshawn realized that he has a very competitive group and pants to push others to play the best they can. Everyone is capable of succeeding. In his spare time, Jamaal trains kids and is a JR. Knicks coach. Roshawn helps an AAU elite 84 team.

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Indianapolis, IN.  The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that the upcoming season will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of this iconic, ground-breaking league.  "Yes, it was 50 years ago that my partner, Dick Tinkham, and a group of businessmen came up with the idea to create a new basketball league to rival the NBA," stated Joe Newman, ABA Co-Founder.  "It started with some magnificent players like Dr. J, George Gervin, Spencer Haywood, Connie Hawkins, Rick Barry,
and many other legends and the famous red, white and blue ball.  The ABA became so impactful that four ABA teams merged into the NBA (the Indiana Pacers, Denver Nuggets, San Antonio Spurs and the New Jersey Nets).  After being dormant for several years, in 2000, the ABA returned and today is the largest professional sports league in the US with 100+ teams anticipated for the upcoming season. The ABA is also the most diversified professional sports league in history with over 75% of its owners being African-American, Hispanic, Asian, women, Native Americans and disabled."
Don Sanchez, Los Angeles Slam owner, ABA West Coast VP, Chairman of the ABA International Committee, will Chair the 50th Anniversary Committee.  The ABA will introduce a limited edition commorative ABA red, white and blue ball.  For more information, contactJoe Newman at conniejoenewman@aol.com or visit www.americanbasketballassociation.org or www.abaliveaction.com.

Joe Newman