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Cabot Goes 1-2 to Finish 6th at the NSSAF Division 4 Basketball Championships

The Cabot High Trailblazers went into the NSSSAF championships ranked #6 and came out with a 6th place finish. They were unable to get their game going in the first 2 days of action, despite winning one of first two games. However, they showed the fans and organizers that they deserved to be part of the championship weekend with a very entertaining game on Saturday in an overtime loss to Oxford.
In their opening game versus Pugwash Cabot seemed too lack focus and was very sloppy with the ball, resulting in a 77-55 loss. Turnovers were very costly against Pugwash, a team that is excellent in transition offense, as they seemed to capitalize on every turnover. The team was also lacking in defense despite two weeks of defensive practice in preparation for the weekend. Losing the first game in a tournament with such an unforgiving schedule means that 5th place is now the best Cabot could possibly finish by winning their last two games.
The Trailblazers got to play Inverness in their second game, not the most exciting match-up to have after traveling 7 hours across the province. On the bright side, Inverness is a team Cabot has been able to handle quite easily in the past few seasons. However, Cabot brought the same game against Inverness as they did against Pugwash and were unable to pull away from them, winning the game by a score of 64-55. Despite a lackluster effort, Cabot found themselves in the 5th place game versus Oxford to end their season. And what a game it would be.
Cabot settled for 6th place at the 2009 NSSAF Division 4 Provincial Championships, but not without a fight in the 5th place game. Oxford was able to outplay Cabot in the early going and take a 44-39 lead at halftime. Cabot was able to continue a strong effort and buckle down on defense in the 3rd quarter as they took a 72-69 lead with just under 3 minutes to play. Lyle Connors was able to steal the ball and go in for a layup on which he was fouled but got no call. He turned and yelled to the official for a foul call and got a technical called on himself. This meant Cabot now had a 74-69 lead but Oxford now had two free throws and possession. They were able to make bot free throw attempts and capitalize on the possession to get the score to 74-73. They were able to regain a 3-point lead but gave it up again when Lyle was called for another technical foul. Down a starter, Jamie Leee Burton (fouled out), in the dieing seconds Cabot was able to get the ball inside to Patrick Rideout who tied the game at 81-81 with 1.6 seconds left. The final game of the year was lost, but the team left it all on the floor and provided tho in attendance with one of the best games of the championships.
Thanks guys for an entertaining season and good luck to the grads in all future endeavors!

Cabot Settles for a Familiar 2nd at the 7th Annual Brendan MacLennan Memorial

Cabot failed to beat CBHA in the championship game of the Brendan Memorial for the 6th time in 7 tournaments. After opening the tournament with a 53-40 win over SAERC on Thursday, the Trailblazers defeated South Colchester in a nail-biter that needed a buzzer beater to decide the game on Saturday. On Sunday the Trailblazers face Dalbrae Academy in the pool crossovers and won the semi final game by a score of 75-66. Cabot then faced the host team CBHA in the championship game for the 6th time at this tourney. However, the Trailblazers were unable to play a good 2nd quarter and lost control of the game, ultimately losing by a score of 88-65.
Cabot will look to rebound from this lackluster performance when they host Baddeck on Tuesday at 6:30 pm. With this game and a practice on Wednesday they hope to be ready to bring their A game when they travel back to CBHA for regionals on Thursday. If they are able to defeat Inverness in the opening game at 3 pm they may face CBHA for the regional banner. This would be a big game as the Trailblazers would be looking to defeat CBHA for the first time in three tries this season and ensure a spot in the NSSAF Provincial Championship.

Cabot Trailblazers Bring Home Championship Banner

The Trailblazers traveled to Guysborough on the weekend where they competed in a round-robin tournament against Duncan MacMillan and Guysborough Academy. The team played a very solid tournament and came away with a 4-0 record to win the 2009 Guysborough Academy Annual Invitational Championship. It was a good 14-man effort, as every player on the team played a minimum of 14 minutes for the tourney.
It was an especially exciting weekend for the rookies, who played extended minutes off the bench. Josh Nicholson came through with 13 points to lead Cabot in their first game of the tourney. Taylor Hardy-Scott earned Player of the Game honors in the same game, by playing an all around good game. Sandy MacKinnon proved his mental toughness as he contributed 6 points and 6 rebounds down the stretch of the championship game. John Tristan Buchanan provided very solid minutes off the bench and carried the ball up the floor while the experienced guards got valuable rest on the bench.
Congratulations to the entire team on a very well played tournament! Congratulations to Micheal Barron and Jackie Organ on their first tournament championship after many years of hard work and dedication!