• Go FOXES!!
  • Let's go GREEN!!!
  • Sign Ups Start March 1st


It is time to start warming up for the 2018 Cheer Season! This year will be full of cheers, team building, competition, hard work and fun! We welcome new cheerleaders and we look forward to seeing our returning cheerleaders.

 2018 Cheer Sign Ups will open Feb 1st and will end June 1st.

Cheer for CMYSA will cost $250.  At time of sign up there is a $85 registration fee(non refundable) and the remaining balance will be due at uniform fittings.

The $250 includes uniform ( Skirt and Shell Top, Poms, Bow, Shoes, Bag, Bloomers, and Camp Outfit.)  You will only need to provide no- show socks. Our Uniforms last year are 2 year uniforms so if you have the complete uniform you will be responsible for the $85 only. Otherwise you will need to buy whatever piece you do not have. These pieces will only be available at uniform fittings, and you must have all pieces to cheer and compete.

Shell 79.00

Skirt 56.00

Halftop 13.00

Bag 15.00

Bow 8.00

Optional Warm ups 53.98 

We will be getting new camp outfits. This cost is included in registration.


Make checks payable to CMYSA. 

Uniform Fittings:  

Warm ups will only be available to purchase this day only if you want them.

Practices Practice will begin the end of the summer and continue throughout the season. During the summer we will practice three nights a week. Once school starts it will drop to twice a week until 4 weeks before competition and then we will go back to 3 nights a week. The last 4 weeks of practice it is mandatory your child is there every night in order to participate in competition.


UPDATE:  We now have use of an indoor facility so it will be 10 a month to cover this. The girls will have access to spring boards, gymnastics floors and be out of weather. This is huge for our youth!!! 

Games  Games are on Saturdays starting in August.


We need coaches!!  Please fill out the coaches interest form or contact us directly.

Information on CMYSA Cheer:

Flag PreK - Kinder Age 4-6
Mustangs 1st and 2nd grade Age 6-8
Colts 3rd and 4th grade Age 9-10
Junior 5th and 6th grade Age 11-12

September 1st is the cutoff date for age.. Divisions go by grade, then age.


All of these teams are the FOXES.


We are a recreational cheer league that strives to provide a positive and enriching environment for both the children and the parents.  We teach the needed skills to prepare our girls for middle school and high school cheer programs. We focus on technical skills, jumps, creative moves, cheers, and dance.  The cheerleaders learn what it means to be a member of a team, the importance they bring to the team and how it takes everyone to be a successful team. They learn that hard work pays off.  We work hard, play hard, and build lasting friendships!

We cheer at the Pee Wee football games including performing at halftime.  All the games are held on Saturdays at set times for each division.

We expect cheerleaders to be at all practices, unless they are “ill” or have family emergencies. It takes everyone to make this a success. Teams cannot practice formations, spacing, or pyramids if a base, flyer or spotter is missing from practice. Please see the attendance policy in the handbook for more information. 


We participate in the North East Texas Peewee Football League which holds a superbowl where all cheer teams compete within the league. The groups are judges and prizes are given to each team accordingly.


If you have any question please contact Valerie Bradley, CMYSA Cheer Commissioner, at:

E-mail - vrgrchs@gmail.com

Phone - 214-552-0254