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  • 2018 spring Rules and regulation

CMYSA SOCCER Fall Socer info

Fall Soccer 

- NOTE Fall soccer games will still be played with Princeton IN Princeton and will be held on Sunday's for fall GAMES TIMES would start at 2:00PM.

Season from September  we do 8 regular games and one weekend of playoffs /championship games !!!!!!

Spring SOCCER -DEADLINE to register is Aug 11th


Division                                 Birthdate

  Tiny Tots-                            2-4 years old 

  Mini's                                     4 years old with exp to 5 years old

 Co-ed is only for Tiny Tots and Mini’s division (unless approved otherwise by commissioner)

U8  Boys and Girls                  Under 8

U10 Boys and Girls                 Under 10

U12 Boys and Girls                 Uder 12


Soccer Commissioner is SALVATORE BASTEDO


email: CaddoSoccer@yahoo.com 



Rules and Regulations


The Ball

• Size #3- Tiny Tots and Minis 
• Size #4-  U8-U13

The Pitch

• 20x25yds- Tiny Tots
• 20x25yds- Minis
• 40x60yds- U8-U9
• 40x60yds- U10-U13

Field of Play

• Penalty Area: Box measuring 7yds
• Penalty Mark: Top of Box at mid-point
• Substitutions on the fly Zone:  10yd Zone (5yds each side of half line)
• Goal: 4’x6’- Tiny Tots and Minis
• Goal: 6’6”x 18’- U8-U13

Number of Players

• Tiny Tots- 3v3 no goal keeper (Coach is allowed on field)
• Minis- 4v4 no goal keeper (Coach is not allowed on field)
• U8-U13- 6v6 with goal keeper
• Minimum Number of players to start match: (U8-U134, one of whom Must be goalkeeper
• Substitution Limit:  NONE
• Substitution Method:  (On the Fly in the substitution zone) all players but the goalkeeper can enter and leave as needed; goalkeeper substitution can only be made when ball is out of play and with Referee consent

Duration of Game

• Tiny Tots- 6 minute quarters (2 minute break between)
• Minis- 8 minute quarters (2 minute break in between)
• U8-U9-  20 minute halves (5 minute break)
• U10-U13- 25 minute halves (6 minute break)
• Clock is always running



Fouls and Misconduct

• No off-sides
• No slide Tackles
• No heading the ball
• No aggressive/reckless play
Direct Kick awarded when a player commits any of these offenses 
Penalty Kick awarded when one of these offenses take place in penalty area
1.  Kicking or attempting to kick and opponent
2.  Tripping an opponent
3.  Jumping at an opponent
4.  Charging an opponent in a violent or dangerous manner
5.  Holding an opponent
6.  Pushing an opponent
7.  Slide Tackling an opponent
8.  Handling the ball (except goal keeper)
9.  Goal keeper picks up ball from a kick from teammate

Free Kick

• At least 5 yards away until ball in play
• Kick must be taken with 5 seconds of referee signal
• Kicker cannot touch ball again until it has been touched by another player

Penalty Kick

• Taken at the penalty mark
• All players must be 5 yards outside the penalty area
• Kicker cannot touch ball again until touched by another player

Kick In (Tiny Tots- U9)

• To be taken instead of throw-ins
• Ball is placed on the touch line before kicking
• Kicker must not cross the touch line into the pitch before the ball is in play or the ball is given to the opposing team
• Kicker cannot play the ball until it has been touched by another player
• Cannot score directly from a kick in
• Opposing team must be 5 yards away from kick in

Throw In (U10-U13)

• The ball must be thrown in with both hands
• The ball must be thrown in from behind the head
• The player must have both feet on the ground when the ball is thrown
• The player must not cross the touch line into the pitch until after the ball has been thrown
• The player must throw the ball in where it initially went out of play
• Opposing team must be 5 yards away from throw in 
• The player cannot touch the ball again until touched by another player
• Cannot score directly from a throw in
• Any infraction will result in the opposing team taking possession with a throw in at the spot of throw in


Throw In Goal Clearance U8-U13

• A goal throw in is taken when ball is out of play behind goal keeper
• From inside the penalty area, a player (the goal keeper) throwsthe ball into play, NO PUNTS
• The ball is not into play until it passes outside the goal penalty area.  If the goal clearance is received inside the goal area, the goal clearance shall be taken over

Corner Kick

• Ball is placed on the  corner
• Must be taken within 5 seconds of referee signal or ball will be given to opposing team for indirect kick
• Kicker cannot play ball until it is touched by another player
• Players on opposing team must be 5 yards away from point of corner kick
• You can score directly from a corner kick

Coach and Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Registration All volunteers, coaches and officials of the Caddo Mills Soccer Assocation are required to complete the background check process before the start of the season.

Coaches needed !!!!!!


Ball sizes
U12 and U10 Size #4
U8, U6, U5, and U4 Size #3
Shin guards are REQUIRED. Coaches ask that the player provide there own ball. Please Mark with players name.

Shin guards are covered entirely by the stockings and are made of a suitable material (rubber, plastic, or similar substance) and provide a reasonable degree of protection

Here are some rules to keep in mind. Soft cleated soccer shoes means rubber soled, no hard plastic screw in cleats, or similar. Soccer cleats (vs. baseball cleats) do not have a cleat on the toe.

A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself or another player (including any kind of jewelry).

Each goalkeeper wears colors that distinguish him from the other
players and referees.