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Welcome to the California Wahoos Baseball Program exclusively run by Vince Sagisi, a Former Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball Scout and a graduate of Santa Maria High School.

As a Cleveland Indians Scout, Sagisi believed that the Central Coast High School players were under scouted by College Coaches and MLB Scouts. Being raised in Santa Maria, Vince believed that there were very talented baseball players in the Central Coast, but the players did not have the same opportunities to showcase their baseball skills as the players from the Southern California areas.

So in 2006, Sagisi formed the Wahoos to provide a spotlight for Central Coast baseball players to be "properly evaluated" by colleges and MLB organizations. Since then, Sagisi estimates that there are hundreds of former Wahoos players that have played or currently are playing in college or professional baseball. Some notable Wahoos alumni include Danny Duffy (LHP/Kansas City Royals), Jeff McNeil (INF/New York Mets) and Matt Sauer (RHP/New York Yankees).

To this day, Sagisi is still passionate about helping as many of the Central Coast baseball players to showcase their skills as a member of the California Wahoos Baseball Program!!

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