April Session has been cancelled

To better serve our participants , the Canucks Program is currently making changes to their current program.  We are hoping to provide the community with a program in September of 2017.  We are looking to change some of the rules of the program to make it safer, enjoyable  and convenient for all participants.

Canucks 3 on 3. September Session Cancelled

Due to limited registration , we are unable to run a session in the fall. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please stay tuned for information about our Spring session


Fast Paced Fast Action and Tons of Offense

The Canucks program is designed for players to utilize  the skills they learned during winter hockey in a fun but organized manner.   We  often refer to it as "Organized Pond Hockey" .  The idea is for the kids to have a safe and secure place to play.  The game is fast, there are lots of scoring opportunities and the goalies see a lot of pucks.  The concept of equal playing time will be enforced and will be guaranteed to the best of our coaching volunteers.. As there is no scorekeeping, no winner announced the emphasis is on fun and fitness.  The refs are there to ensure safety and fair play and they too are working to the best of their ability.   We ask all those involved to respect the concept of the program. FUN and FITNESS.  GOALIES SEE TONS OF SHOTS
  • All games this session will be 3-18 minute periods followed by a flood at the end of the game.
  • We ask that players be ready to enter the ice 10 minutes before game time, But do not step onto the ice until facility manager closes the gate
  • All shifts are 1.5 min in duration.  The horn goes the players are to leave the puck and exit the ice at the same time 3 different players may enter the ice surface .Horn goes, gates open 3 on 3 off.  This will be a new concept to lots of the skills and house players.  As there is no stoppage in play, no faceoffs and no icing
  • When the goalie freezes the puck (covers it up), a whistle will sound all opposing players must clear the blue line and may not enter until the other team brings the puck over their blue line
  • When a goal is scored the opposing players must clear the red line and allow the other team to bring the puck outside the blue line.
  • Penalty will result in a penalty shot.  The shooter will line up at the center line and all other players lineup at the far blue line. Whistle goes, players may pursue the shooter.  Rebounds and clearing of the puck are allowed after the original shot.  If a player takes more than 3 penalties in a game, it is the responsibility of the head coach to sit that player for a shift.  As we want to ensure safety first, not contact is allowed.
  • Skills program will rotate their goalie every period, street hockey equipment may be used at this level.  We recommend that everyone on the team take at least one period in net out of the 6 games. 



Any questions or concerns please direct emails to this account

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