October 23, 2013

Hello all, 

This is the commisioner of Cape Cod Wiffleball. We are a semi-pro wiffleball league that is just starting this coming spring of 2014. We are looking for dedicated players with some experience to play in the league this year. We play on the best wiffleball fields across Cape Cod and know how to treat our players. 


As of right now, league administration is debating whether to make the four or three man rosters per team. This all depends on the amount of help we get interest we get as far as players go. There will be a draft sometime during the winter, and as of right now we are shooting for a draft around Christmas break. After that, each team will conduct winter workouts and training up until the spring, and from there on we will start our regular season.


For any questions, email us at or tweet us at 


I appreciate you all taking the time to read this and I am looking forward to a great season!