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  • Repect All Fear None!!!!!!!
  • Demanding Excellence From Everyone No Selfish Exceptions


   Philosophy of Sprinters AAU/YBOA Organization

    The Carolina Sprinters' coaches and administrators are committed to the process of preparing our student - athletes to become the best they can be. We strive for excellence through both fundamental and advanced level training. Our hope is that athletes who participate in the Carolina Sprinters' Basketball program will leave with a sense of accomplishment, pride and confidence in their athletic abilities, so that they can achieve their own basketball aspirations.



    The Carolina Sprinters’ approach to coaching is focused on individual skill development, as we believe that this will ultimately translate into success for the team and a stronger self - image for each player. We strongly believe in the potential of each player and it is the goal of the Carolina Sprinters' coaches to help players realize that potential.



    All parents want their sons and daughters to be better athletes than they were when they started the program. Additionally, most parents have certain performance standards for the team and want to see their children play for a winning team. With this in mind, the Carolina Sprinters believe that it is the responsibility of the coaches, the parents, and the players to make a concerted effort to reach that goal.

















Core Values    

The coaches of the Carolina Sprinters AAU basketball team are dedicated to making your sons and daughters the best players they can be. Our program is a cut above the rest because we focus on game tactics and all fundamental skills like shooting, dribbling, passing, ball handling and defense. We then offer opportunities for players to use those skills in actual games.





    The coaches value and respect each player and take an interest in the players' development in basketball and as people. The coaches expect several characteristics from players, including effort, commitment to attend practice and games and utmost respect for coaches, referees, parents and teammates.    



Goal of our Program

    The goal of the program is to educate youth on proper basketball techniques and fundamentals while emphasizing teamwork, discipline, commitment and a positive attitude. Providing a positive learning environment allows the participants to excel as athletes and to increase their ability to compete at a highly competitive level while enjoying the game of basketball.




    Our Mission

    The Carolina Sprinters’ Mission is to provide youth with the opportunity to participate in sports, help combat childhood obesity, and teach proper basketball fundamentals while fostering a positive learning environment. The Carolina Sprinters also strive to promote literacy and education of our players, health and fitness and to teach all participants the importance of making positive life choices. Two of our main objectives are to decrease the school dropout rate among our players and to positively impact the lives of our players by fostering their talents and further enabling them to receive college scholarship offers.  


Our Motto

    “Every youth should be able to play sports,” regardless of any limitations or financial challenges.