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2015 Centennial JBO Baseball / ASA Softball Registration Form

Registration for the upcoming 2015 season is now open.  Click the above link and print out the form.  Once you have the form filled out it can be mailed to the address on the form or dropped off in person on the Registration / Evaluation dates listed.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Ages / Levels Of Play

The age groups are broken up as follows: Midgets (9-10), Juniors (11-12), and Seniors (13-14). All age groups have three levels of play. The levels are supposed to help keep the game fun by matching up players who currently have similar baseball skills and ability.

National – Recreational, basic skill level.
American – Competitive, average or above skill level.
Federal – Very Competitive, advanced skill level.


Junior Basball History

Junior Baseball of Oregon got its start about 1948 when Frank Bashor got together a six-team league of 11-12 year olds from the Metropolitan area. In 1951, the program became known as the Baseball Association of Oregon and continued to grow in the Portland fringe areas. By the late 50's the essence of Junior Baseball of Oregon was developed by Frank Bashor. This early program revolved around today's Federal level and expanded to include ages 9 through 16 year olds. After Frank Bashor's death, Dean Gray, who worked for Frank, continued the program. In 1965, the Cub's program was merged with the Oregon Junior Baseball Association, a more statewide organization extending from Medford to Portland. By the late 60's the Midget, Junior and Senior programs had grown to 350 teams in four districts (Tri-County, mainly the eastern Multnomah county region; Clackamas county; Washington County; and West Hills). Throughout the '70's and '80's the program continued to expand and included areas outside the Metro area (LaGrande, Tillamook and Corvallis). By 1983, Junior Baseball of Oregon formalized, as we know it today. In 1987 the first State Tournaments were held for the American and National levels. In 1993 the Cub's program was revived to provide more opportunities for 15 and 16 year olds to continue playing organized baseball. By 1999 Junior Baseball had grown to 484 teams from Roseburg to Portland and Tillamook to Bend. The State Tournaments at the National and American levels were expanded to twelve teams. Today Junior Baseball of Oregon, Inc. continues Frank Bashor's intention to provide a framework for youth to develop and refine their basic baseball skills within a team oriented environment, the program stresses continuity in age grouping for boys and girls ages 9 through 16, continuity in progression of age development and playing distances, competition at equal levels of ability and emphasis on the complete game of baseball (leading off, stealing, etc.). The program revolves around local associations creating a local program for local needs within the framework of a summer program. And best of all, when it comes to playoff time, a team goes as a unit, without the heartbreaking and sometimes unjust all-star selection process.