Open Mat: Off-season training - starting Wednesday May 14th, 2014

When: Wednesdays 6pm - 7:30pm starting May 14th

Where: Mountainview Wrestling Room

Requirement: 2014 USA Wrestling Card

We are proud to offer the Cougar Wrestling Club "Open Mat" for children to work on their wrestling skill throughout the off-seaon.  To allow for greater participation and increased competition we are opening our doors to children from surrounding communities - such as Berkeley Heights, Madison, New Providence and Summit.

During the Open Mat sessions your children will have more focus on instruction and improving their wrestling technique, rather than on conditioning.  In addition we look forward to attending some tournaments throughout the summer.

Who: Open to all ages and all skill levels.

More information is available in the registration form.

Instructors: Tom Marchetti and Brett Matter.


Welcome to Chatham Youth Wrestling

"After you've wrestled, everything else in life is easy"  Dan Gable Hall of Fame Wrestler and Coach

Wrestling is one of the oldest sports known to man.  The mission of The Chatham Wrestling Club is to develop and nurture young athletes’ self confidence, skill and ability level while introducing them to a competitive individual sport.  Our goal is for all of our wrestlers to experience success on the mat with an emphasis on fun, positive feedback, sportsmanship and self control.

We at Chatham Wrestling teach our wrestlers lessons that will benefit them in all areas of their future endeavors.

The Chatham Wrestling Club consists of the high school and the youth program.  The youth program is divided into the clinic (K-3rd grade) and the JV/Varsity (4th to 8th grade) sections.  The youth program is open to boys and girls pre-k to 8th grade.

“If a child can step into that circle and wrestle another child he never met in front of a crowd then that child will be able to do anything in life.” Coach John  Nonnenmacher. 

If you're thinking about wrestling and would like more information about our program, please contact Coach Nonnenmacher at


Why should you consider Wrestling for your child?

Wrestling provides a positive outlet for especially energetic children.


Wrestling is an individual sport, but also has a team component, and still teaches teamwork and the importance of working together.


It is one of the few sports where a child's foot speed, ball-handling skills, hand-eye coordination, and size do not matter. There is room for everyone and wrestlers only compete against others in a similar weight class (and age - in most situations).


Wrestling competitively is tough, but teaches empathy at a young age because sooner or later, everyone loses a match. How often do you see twelve-year-old teammates hugging and consoling each other after emotional losses?


Wrestling rules are very clear on safety.  Illegal moves and potentially dangerous situations can result in penalty points and even disqualification.  Coaches and referees work very hard to keep wrestling safe for all participants.


Wrestling is not a sport that demands brute strength.  Technique and conditioning are more important to succeed in wrestling than strength.


Youth wrestling discourages so-called weight cutting.


Congratulations to our 2014 NJ State Qualifiers!

Our club has 5 wrestlers that qualified for the 2014 NJ Kids State Championships:

Niccolo Colucci placed 1st in the Junior 136 lbs bracket at Randolph.
Jacob Mahon placed 3rd in the Junior 105 lbs bracket at North Hunterdon.

Drew Mitzak placed 2nd in the Junior 112 lbs bracket at Randolph.
John Rohe placed 2nd in the Novice 75 lbs bracket at Lakeland.
Michael Rohe placed 3rd in the Junior 80 lbs bracket at Randolph.

There are also 3 of our alumni wrestler that qualified in the High School Cadet division:

P.J. Joel placed 1st in the 100 lbs bracket at Randolph.
Luke Ciccarelli placed 1st in the 126 lbs bracket at Randolph.
Timothy Rohe placed 2nd in the 145 lbs bracket at Randolph.

Congratulations to all these wrestlers and good luck at the States!


Randolph Qualifier Results

January 19, 2014

Chatham wrestlers PJ Joel, Luke Ciccarelli and Timothy Rohe qualified for the HS Cadet Division and Niccolo Colucci, Drew Mitzak and Michael Rohe earned a spot in the youth bracket on Sunday in qualifying action for the New Jersey Scholastic State Wrestling Championships.

A wrestler hoping to wrestle in the New Jersey Scholastic State Wrestling Championships must first place in the top three of a qualifying tournament. 

Ninth-grade students are eligible to wrestle in the NJS States in the High School Cadet Division.  PJ Joel and Luke Ciccarelli both took 1st place and Timothy Rohe took 2nd place. Each of these athletes grew up in the youth program and will be representing Chatham at the States.


The youth program will also be represented by Niccolo Colucci, Drew Mitzak and Michael Rohe.


Niccolo Colucci (136) took 1st place and Drew Mitzak (112) took 2nd place.  Drew pinned his first opponent, but lost his second match to finish the day in second place.


The day, however, belonged to Michael Rohe (80), who had three pins to finish the day in 3rd place.  Michael pinned his first two opponents in the first period, but then lost a tough third match.  In his fourth match Michael faced the No. 1 seed.  Down 8-0 with less than 30 seconds left in the match, Michael reversed and pinned his opponent.


Although he did not place in the top three, John Rohe (75) had an impressive first round 4-2 win over a very aggressive wrestler. 


Teddy Joel (55), Connor Cortese(80), Aedan Joel (80) and Graham Abramo (80) all wrestled well and represented Chatham at this event.


2014 NJ State Qualifier Tournaments

The 2014 State Qualifiers are here! In order to wrestle in the NJ Kids Scholastic State Championships a wrestler must place in the top three of their bracket in one of the regional qualifying tournaments. All of our JV and Varsity wrestlers are encouraged to attend the Qualifiers.

All registrations will be handled on-line this year.  Click here to access the USAW-NJ online registration.   **Also note that “early registration” ends Tuesday of the week of the tournament.**  Registering after Tuesday will incur a $10 late fee.  All members of our club should receive a USAW wrestling card (included in our club’s registration fee).  You’ll need the card for registration and at weigh-ins.  Contact Ann Ciccarelli if you haven’t received it.

This week is the final Qualifier tournament - Fair Lawn Qualifier Sunday, March 9th!  Weigh-ins take place at Fair Lawn High School on Friday March 7th between 6 - 8PM.

Please let Coach Nonnenmacher know whenever you have registered for a qualifier.

** A separate Registration & fee must be submitted for each Qualifier **

The Qualifier Information Sheet is very informative, and contains directions to each of the Qualifier locations.  Directions for all qualifiers specifically from Chatham are also available under Directions from the left menu bar (sorted by date).


All Qualifiers have on-site weigh-ins (no satellite), and singlets must be worn at weigh-ins.


2013 Chatham Holiday Tournaments Results

December 15, 2013

2013 Chatham Novice Tournament Tots/Bantam Bracket Sheets

2013 Chatham Novice Tournament Midget/Junior/Intermediate Bracket Sheets

2013 Chatham Open Tournament  Bracket Sheets

Click on the links above to view the bracket sheets from each of the 3 sessions of our 2013 Holiday Tournament.

Thanks to all of our volunteers for making this a very well run and successful tournament.

And thank you to all those who attended.


2013-14 Chatham Youth Wrestling REGISTRATION

It's that time of the year again!
Please fill out the REGISTRATION FORM  and mail or drop off to Ann Ciccarelli at 80 Center Ave.
Your child will not be able to attend practice without being registered.
Practices will begin on Monday November 4th in the wrestling room at Mountainview gym.
The planned schedule is:
Novice (Grades K-4):  Mon:    5:30-7 pm
                                Wed:   5:30-7 pm
                                Sat:     8:30-10 am (practice until King of the Mat starts)
JV/Varsity (Grades 4-8):  Mon:     7-8:30 pm
                                     Tues:    6-8 pm
                                     Thurs:   6-8 pm
                                     Sat:      10am-12pm (practice until King of the Mat starts)
The JV/Varsity schedule may change slightly once league matches begin in December.
And please "Like" our new Facebook Page as well:  Chatham Youth Wrestling.

Tournament Forms and Directions

Registration forms (under Tournaments from the Main Menu on the left) and directions (under Directions from the Main Menu on the left) to tournaments that our club will be attending are now available on our website. Additional information for future tournaments will be added as soon as information is available.


Wrestle-Off's for Varsity spots

Please familiarize yourself with the club's wrestle-off policy which is in the Parents Guide (Select "Handouts" from the Main Menu bar on the left side of the web-site). Wrestling is amongst the fairest of sports. In many sports playing-time is based upon the subjective views of the coaches. In wrestling if your child wins the wrestle-off they have a spot in the Varsity line-up.

Typically wrestle-offs will take place on Saturdays between King-of-the-Mat events, or during practice time. When a child wins a wrestle-off they are guaranteed 2 real match opportunities (meaning they actually get to wrestle - forfeits don't count). If a child loses a wrestle-off, they can challenge again after the winning wrestler gets their 2 match opportunities. It is the parent's responsibility to inform coaches of their child's desire to wrestle-off.


Our Chatham JV and Novice Medal Winners