Hockey Chattanooga is a grass roots hockey league that plays in downtown Chattanooga. The league is competitive as well as friendly for ages 16 and older.  Under 18 must have parents consent.   Everyone is welcome, whether you have years of experience or are interested in learning to play. If you would like to learn more, please come down to the Chattanooga Skate Park (located across the street from Finley Stadium) and watch us play. Just check the schedule page for game times.

Once you are interested in getting started, contact the new member assistant listed on this site. We can help with anything from where to get your gear to how to play the game. Come on down and check us out!

Mandatory Equipment

Guidelines Per USA Inline rules
18 & Under Players
- Inline skates
- H.E.C.C. approved helmets*
- H.E.C.C. approved full face mask (Goalie Cat-eye masks are not approved)**
- Colored (Non-Clear) Internal mouth guard
- Elbow pads
- Gloves designed for hockey
- Knee and shin protection

Over 18 Players
Same, expect no face shield or internal mouth guard required. Wearing a full mask or half face shield and internal mouth guard is highly recommended. H.E.C.C helmets are recommended but not required***.
*Almost all player helmets are H.E.C.C certified but the details should tell you either way or there's a sticker on the helmet if it’s certified.

** Goalies, you will need to check with the helmet manufacture as they are not clearly labeled. Cat-eye and/or street hockey goalie helmets are not H.E.C.C approved and therefore can not be used by players under 18. Street hockey goalie helmets may not be used in the adult league as well, but cat-eye masks are acceptable.

*** A helmet is required; it just doesn't have to be H.E.C.C. approved.


Upcoming Games/Practices
Sunday, March 24, 2019
Winter 2019 A League
Hat Trick Swayzes @ Thrashers
Magic Erasers @ UTC
Monday, March 25, 2019
Winter 2019 B League
The Young and The Rest of Us @ Inglewood Jacks
Manchesthair United @ 50 Grades of Shade
Purple Dinosaurs @ Rockin Rollers
Thursday, March 28, 2019
Winter 2019 A League
Magic Erasers @ Thrashers
Hat Trick Swayzes @ UTC
Monday, April 1, 2019
Winter 2019 B League
Manchesthair United @ Inglewood Jacks
The Young and The Rest of Us @ Purple Dinosaurs
Rockin Rollers @ 50 Grades of Shade
Thursday, April 4, 2019
Winter 2019 A League
Magic Erasers @ Hat Trick Swayzes
Thrashers @ UTC
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