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November 2014 -   We hope you enjoy our pictures and info! On our site, you will find our past teams, events, pictures, and information. PLEASE KEEP CHECKING OUR SITE FOR FUTURE CLASSES AND CAMPS!

~~ cheer 4 lyfe, CTA

About the Coach

Coach Liz (Elizabeth Gentry)  has 11 years of experience being a cheerleader. Her last few years in cheerleading were at Mountain View High School, AZ Heat Elite, and Mesa Community College. Being on National & State champion cheerleading teams, Coach Liz has received many cheerleading awards such as All American(2), NCA Cheerleader(2), and #7 spot at the United Spirit Association College Camp out of a total of 3000+.
She has coached pop-warner cheerleading for the Seminoles for 2 years, coached all levels of gymnastics & dance for 3 years, 4 years for Golden STARZ / AZ STARZ Cheer. Throughout the years, Coach Liz has also worked with numerous teams, gyms, and schools across the valley in cheer, dance, tumbling, and stunting clinics for over 18 years.
Coach Liz is highly recognized in the "cheerleading world" and has a "cheerful" heart of love to work with children.
Liz has obtained a bachelor's degree in Legal Studies as well.

She has experience working with the community such as, Volunteered for Phoenix Children's hospital in the rehab dept., Volunteered for Az Spinal Cord Injury Assoc., and a current volunteer for children's ministry at her church. 


  Coach Liz's Other Teams & Team Awards
2014-2016 GymKids Power Cheer
2nd @ Red Carpet for Jr. Stunt group
1st @ Spring Fiesta for Jr. Stunt group
1st @ Spring Fiesta for Youth Stunt group
2007-2014 Various gyms and volunteer work throughout Arizona

05/06 STARZ JR
4th @ Desert Showdown,
1st @ ASA for JR stunt
1st @ ASA for JR team,
1st @ Grand Canyon State for JR PREP stunt
3rd @ Grand Canyon State for JR team

1st place @ ASA
3rd place @ Grand Canyon State

03/04 STARZ PW
2nd place @ ASA for PW Team

02/03 STARZ JR
7th place @ State for JR Team

01/02 gymnastics
3rd place all around lv 4

00/01 gymnastics 1st place floor lv 4, 2nd all around lv 3

99/00 cheer/tumble/jumps USA camp cheer @ NCA camp

98/99 Seminoles
1st place for cheer
1st place for pom

97/98 Seminoles
1st place for cheer
1st place for pom

02-03 Golden STARZ JR CHEER





05-06 AZ STARZ JR Cheer