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  • tgross25, ebenton99, drbat, and VezzieAvocado all sign!
  • Qualification Schedule announced!
  • Dragons top Rattlers 2-0

Dragons get FFT win

The Kings were busy, busy being scared of this fierce Dragons team. The Dragons will advance in the Qualification Tournament of a FFT win. Next game TBA.


Dragons best Rattlers 2-0

This was a great game, by the Dragons. With an early goal by drbat, and after that there was no great offense coming from former MVP VezzieAvocado, but it was Rockstar69 coming off the bench for the early 2nd period goal. The concern lies on VezzieAvocado, seeing will he be able to perform like his MVP season? Or will be be a bust and provide nothing? We will see soon upcoming in the next qualification games!

Dragons look to advance!

Are you ready CHICAGO? Your Dragons play the Phoenix Rattlers tonight!


Projected Lines:

1: FWD-Tgross25, VezzieAvocado // DEF-Ebenton99

2: FWD-drbat, toyotaguy8 // DEF-HobofromChicago