Chippewa Falls Wrestling Club

2019-20 Beginners


Chippewa Falls Wrestling Club

Mission Statement


The purpose of Chippewa Falls Youth Wrestling Club shall be as follows: The purpose of Chippewa Valley Wrestling Club shall be as follows:

      A.      To promote the health, citizenship, and development of area youth through the sport of wrestling.

      B.      To provide adult coaches and mentors for youth.

      C.   To educate youth and parents on wrestling rules and technique with safety in mind.

      D.   To promote self-esteem, discipline, and camaraderie through club participation, practices, and competition

      E.   To promote and encourage family involvement, friendships, and social support.

      F.  This club is NOT organized to support the elite wrestler, but to develop wrestling skills, good sportsmanship, and other life skills through the sport of wrestling.

     G.   Chippewa Falls Youth Wrestling will work to make wrestling more visible in the community and educate the public on the positive lifelong skills acquired through amateur wrestling.






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