This year the Cleveland County Elite has made made history for Cleveland county.We are the first youth sports group to have three teams ranked number 1 in the nation. Coach Donnie Daveport and the 5th grade boys has put together a get run from being in the 8th spot to move into the first this makes their second season finishing in the number one spot for the regular season in usba player. Coach Cornelius McMullens and the 6th grade boys has only three losses in usba play this year ,making their mark on every game has been their top goal this season. Coach Maurice Corry and the 9th grade boys has traveled more this year than last finishing in 4th last year left Coach Corry and his team hungry for that number one spot and they have proudly held on to it for more than a mounth now and have no thoughts of giving  it up. these team uphold the meaning of the #we are elite.

Let's get behind them and give them a great push off as they make their way to the national tournament ranked number one Cleveland county we are here and we are elite

5TH grade sets off to defend reg.season title Copy

April 2, 2014

Coach Donnie Davenport and the 5th grade boys will start defending thier USBA reg. season national championship title this weekend at mooresville high school. When I ask him how he feel about repeating this year he said,"if I can keep everyone together I think we can do it again" when ask what were the keys to doing this again he said "my guard play is solid and i have depth, my bigs have to play well in order for us to repeat the things we done last year". We are all looking forward to this USBA season and wishing coach Donnie and the 5th grade boys the best this year.we are elite