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The Champion Officials Association provides the highest claiber officials possible for the game of softball at all levels.  All members of Champion Officials Association are independant contractors.

Champion Officials Association is based in Fairfax County, Virginia. Our contracts are exclusive to the Northern Virginia area at this time, however we do travel throughout the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC area.

We are constantly looking for new, veteran and transferring officials on an on going basis. If you are interested please contact us at or call 703-507-8320 and leave a message. It's a great way to stay involved in the sport of softball, provide a valuable service to the community and earn a few extra dollars.

If you need officials please contact us and we will provide the highest quality officials at competitive rates for your sporting contests. 

We require all new officials to attend a 6 week training program, and all veteran officials to attend refresher training annually. All officials (new and veterans) are required to attend a minimum of two (2) clinics annually, one for ASA softball and one for the VHSL mandatory requirements. All officials must successfully pass the VHSL exam (to the VHSL Standard) in order to work high school. All officials must also pass the ASA annual exam.  CHAMPION has two members who have earned the highest award possible in ASA, that of "ELITE Fast Pitch Umpire". Congratulations go to Judy Cole and Randy Sprouse for that accomplishment. They are 2 of the 595+ active Fast Pitch umpires from the 360,000 registered ASA umpires in the United States. CHAMPION has the largest staff of NCAA qualified umpires in the area, consisting of over 20 NCAA certified umpires. All NCAA certified officials are required to attend an NCAA clinic and pass the NCAA exam with a score of 90% or higher. As you can see there are no short-cuts taken in our training program for new and veteran officials. We believe that we not only set the training standard, we believe we .... ARE THE TRAINING STANDARDS IN THIS REGARD!




Our mission is to provide the best, most knowledgeable and mechanically sound softball officials in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and Washington DC area.






Provide training for both new and veteran softball officials. 

Provide officials for all levels of softball.

Support for the game at all levels to include Local, Regional, National and International Events




Champion Officials Association provides officials at all levels for the game of softball.

Champion Officials Association currently holds contracts for both fast pitch and slow pitch in the local area. We also support various tournaments throughout the area such as ASA, US House or Representatives tournament as well as various alumni/charity tournaments.

The purpose of this Association is to:

  • Train softball umpires

  • Represent the umpires in officiating-related matters

  • Establish the highest standard of professionalism for softball umpires.

 The objectives of this Association are to:

  • Strive to find independent contractors opportunities to work games as they desire.

  • Encourage uniform rules interpretation and application.

  • Study and improve softball umpiring techniques.

  • Develop, promote and maintain the highest ideals of sportsmanship.

  • Exhibit the highest degree of professionalism in appear­ance, demeanor and on‑the‑field performance.





Is to train softball officials so they can become the best officials to serve our nation's youth and adults.  We provide the highest caliber softball officials in the Northern VA, and surrounding areas.

If you want to contact us please use the Contact button on the Contact Info Page or you send mail to this address:

20949 Springwater Court
Ashburn, VA 20147

We hope to see you on the field in the 2014 season. Good Luck