• Congrats! Abraham C.R. Hoskins 2015 AAU 100 & 200 Regional CHAMP
  • We accept from a penny to a million dollars in Donations/Private funds
  • Congrats! Adonis Neal AAU 2016 4th place Nationals in 1500m 11&12 boys
  • Congrats! Adonis Neal AAU 2016 7th place Nationals in MULTI-EVENTS 11&12 boys
  • Congrats! Marquis Toliver! AAU 2016 multi All-American in 100 & 200, 4 years in a Row!!!!


Welcome, to D&A Youth Sports Elite!  D&A was founded in August 2004 by Abraham & Denise Hoskins. Our goal and mission is to mentor youth ages 3 to 18 years of age through strict discpline, developing their athletic skills, and exposing them to further their education post high school. 


D&A Youth Sports Elite's next sports endeavor will be the track program, D&A Trakk Elite. We accept ages 3-18 years of age. !!!To register, EMAIL!!! Koakh Abraham @ abrahamjrspr93@gmail.com, !!! WITH!!! full name, age, bday, parents name & phone #, & parents' emails address

    # we'll need a copy of birth certificate's for 1st time athletes!

#1 Coach Fee: $130 per athlete non-refundable due before athlete can practice

* multiple athletes: (non-refundable)

2nd=$90, 3rd=$65, 4 or more =$50 due before athlete can practice (non-negotiable)

*** Coach fees includes a D&A shirt for the athletes


#2 Usatf membership $20 & AAU membership $14 ( non-refundable)

!All 9-12 graders (high schoolers) can't participate in D&A's PRACTICE without a Parent out in practice before the state meet!

             ###parents have to coach their own 9-12 grade! athletes within practices###




        No Checks! Only accept cash & money orders.

   Order your athletes jerseys & etc. @ Epic Sports.com 

Item # for jerseys, jogging suits, speed suits & etc are listed above, click on the apparel link.

   After you receive your jerseys bring them to Coach Abraham for the decals = $15 per

        D&A Adult Paraphernalia $25-$40 sizes ys-axl, $3 xtra 2x & up - order through Coach Abraham


All future events will be scheduled in our calendar section, just click the event and all information will display itself.

                D&A is a Self Made Family Private organization, not an non-profit organization

             We do reserve the rights to refuse our service of coaching your child!!!