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In May of 2007, a couple of Recreation Team Coaches/Parents decided to create a competitive cheerleading team on the AllStar Level. There were a handful of Recreation Cheerleaders who wanted more than the 8 game football season to show their awesome cheerleading talents. After a few competitions at the Recreation Level, the interest and passion sparked Dazzle U AllStar Cheerleading!!

We asked and advertised to those committed cheerleaders who loved competition and were ready to step it up to the next level. We designed the program to focus on the cheerleader’s talents and skills with a modest, but fun presentation. We asked that cheerleaders be skilled at performing basic cheerleading techniques with a focus on forward/backward rolls, cartwheels, round offs, and jumps such as toe touches and front hurdlers, etc. Any additional advanced tumbling was a plus!!

Many of our cheerleaders are involved with a recreational program or school team. In addition, we have a variety of 2-3 sport cheerleaders. We have Swimmers, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, and Softball Players, Elite Level Dancers, and those that are musically inclined by their voice or by playing an instrument. One very important talent of all Dazzle U cheerleaders is, they are all Excellent Academic Students! The program was designed so that they could continue to be involved with both Dazzle U and their other activities. We are not affiliated with any particular Recreational or School program, so we are open to everyone. The first season 2007-2008, consisted of one Junior Level 2 Team of 11 dedicated cheerleaders, hailing from just 2 local School Districts. 

We continue to have positive growth in the program. The 2008-2009 season, we had two teams, Mini Sparkle L1 and Junior Glitter L2, with 24 cheerleaders representing 7 different School Districts, East and West Shore, and including a few Parochial Schools. For the 2009-2010 season, we have two teams, Junior Glitter L2 and the new Senior Shimmer L3, with 38 cheerleaders. This really speaks to our amazing diversity within Dazzle U AllStars. The 2010-2011 season showcased the Junior Glitter L2 and Senior Shimmer L3 teams. 

2011-2012 - Mini Twinkle L1, joined the DU Family!

2013-2014- We had 3 teams last year that dominated the floor. Youth Sparkle-L1, Junior Glitter-L2, Senior Shimmer-L3. 

We are fortuante, to have found Artistic Sport Academy Plus (ASAP) who has been allowing us to lease Gym/floor space for our practices, and have been able to call this top rated gym our home base for the "717" Dazzle U Allstar Cheerleading team.



Silver, Pink & Blue, We’re Here To Dazzle You!!

Team Staff :


Coach Sonya

Coach Hannah

Coach Leeann

Coach Michalia

Coach Lydia


Look for Dazzle U to shine on the floor!!!!!!!!