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Decker Sports 2016 CWS Tournament Pool Play Headquarters

Championship bracket seedings and pairings will be announced around 5pm Saturday afternoon on Twitter.  Make sure to follow @decker_CWS for updates! 


Welcome to the 2016 Decker Sports CWS Tournament!

This section displays Schedules, Scores and Standings for pool play in the Decker Sports CWS Tournament.

Please note that standings do not reflect the application of tie-breakers, such as head-to-head results. Those tie-breakers will be applied at the conclusion of all pool games.

Pool play finish and seedings for the championship bracket  for pool winners will be determined by the following criteria (to be applied in order):

1. pool play record
2. head-to-head result
3. least runs allowed in all games
4. run differential in all games
5. coin flip

All Omaha host teams will be home teams for their games during pool play. The home team in all other pool play games will be determined by coin flip.

(Other than Omaha host teams being home teams, Home and Visitor were arbitrarily assigned for purposes of the schedule displayed in this section.)

The six pool champions will advance to the championship bracket Saturday evening and Sunday.  Check the "HANDOUTS" section for a copy of the championship bracket and tournament rules.