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We will have practice Saturday February 4 at 3:00pm.

See how we rank in the 8U USSSA State Rankings
See how we rank in the 8U USSSA National Rankings

See how we rank in the 9U USSSA State Rankings
See how we rank in the 9U USSSA National Rankings

See how we rank in the 10U 2005 USSSA State Rankings
See how we rank in the 10U 2005 USSSA National Rankings

See how we rank in the 10U 2006 USSSA State Rankings
See how we rank in the 10U 2006 USSSA National Rankings

2005 Mineola Christmas Tournament

December 10, 2005
Great job Kool Katz! We have only been together for two weeks and we did better than I could have ever hoped for. With more practice we will come together as a team and will only get better. Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I will see you early next year. Coach Cary

2005 LGSA 9U Fall Classic

October 16, 2004
Well the decision to drop down and play in this 9U Combo pitch tournament was a good one; although it did not start out that way. I had to work the first part of the morning. When I showed up we were down 3-2 to a young Sneaky Cleats team with only 60 seconds left in the game. We were unable to recover and lost. We regrouped and decided we were going to win this tournament. The Tournament setup was a round robin. We needed to win the rest of our games so we could get into the championship game and be the number one seed. Game 2 was against a young Texas Storm team we won that game 4-0. Game 3 was against a very tough Atlanta Longhorns team that we had never beaten before. It was a tough defensive game and we won the game 4-2 off of good defense, pitching and an outstanding bunt that scored two runs. The next game was with the young Texas Storm team again and we won 7-1. When all the records were totaled we were told that we were tied with the Longhorns, but we took the number one seed because we had allowed fewer points. We would be playing the Atlanta Longhorn for the Championship. It was again a very tough defensive game but we held on to win 2-1 for our first tournament win. You girls played great and I am very proud of you.
Coach Cary

2005 LGSA 10U Fall Classic Fourth Place

August 28, 2004
Great job in your first 10U tournament. You fought hard against some tough second year 10U teams. Fourth place in this tournament is better than I could have ever hoped for. We started out with a bang against a team form Carthage and won 9-2. Game two against the Kilgore Rocketts was a heart breaker, we did everything we could to win but it just was not enough. We hit the ball great and Kelsie pitched the best game I have ever seen. Unfortunately the Rocketts tied the game and forced a tiebreaker inning. We were not able to score and they won 5-4. Game 3 was a repeat with the Carthage Pride and we won 9-5. Next we had to play a second year 10U team the East Texas Lobos. We stayed close with them, but in the fourth inning we made a few mistakes and lost our second game 7-4. You girls never gave up and you played very hard in your first 10U tournament and against some very good older girls. This is what will make you a better ball team and soon to be champions. Our day is coming so never give up and stay focused. Kool Katz Rock!!!!

2004 USSSA National Tournament Runner up

July 3, 2004
I am so proud of you girls. You fought hard to get back into the Championship game. You then beat the tough Wouden Wild team from Nacogdoches to force game two. Our defense looked good and our bats were hot. Unfortunately Wouden Wild matched our defense and bats in the second game and we just fell a little short. You girls never gave up and that is what makes you winners and soon to be champions. Our day is coming so never give up and stay focused. Kool Katz Rock!!!!

2004 USSSA 8U State Championship Longview

June 18, 2004
What a brutally HOT day.
We looked good in the first two games; we almost beat the Atlanta Longhorns. Unfortunately a couple of key mistakes lost the game. That’s what happens when two really good teams play ball. The next three games we looked very good all around. Our defense held strong, our bats were hot and our pitching was outstanding. Game five was a great game, maybe the most exciting one for us of the tournament. We were ahead of the Twisters 2 to 1 and our defense held strong all game to protect our lead. Hats off to Kelsie for outstanding pitching in this game; The last inning was the most exciting with Kelsie pitching three strike outs off of just eleven pitches. That ended the game and guaranteed us third place. Game six was a different story, we lost 7-0. The heat, losing early and six games with no more then one thirty minute break was just too much for our girls. We held the Atlanta Longhorns close for 2 or 3 innings then we were just too exhausted to finish up. All that said I am very pleased with the way they played ball, they did a great job and all of us need to be very proud of these girls. The girls need to be proud of their selves as well.
I want to thank Alayna and Breelynn for coming and helping us out. I hope you enjoy your trophies.

2004 East Texas NIT Classic

May 21, 2004
I am proud of the way we played it our second tournament. We have not practiced as a team since our last tournament in Marshal back in March and we came very close to winning this tournament. Our record in this round robin tournament was 3 and 2. We made it to the championship game and almost pulled it off. After leading the Sneaky Cleats nearly the whole game we just fell short of the win. With two outs and the Sneaky Cleats with the winning run on third and a short dribbler hit to third, the ball was just barley over thrown to first which could have put the game into extra innings. We lost this game by just 6 inches. Our pitching was great, defense was solid and our bats were hot. Keep up the hard work and before long we will win our first tournament.

2004 Shock Wave Tournament in Marshall

March 12, 2004
Great job in your very first tournament girls. We worked hard and it paid off. I know we did not win the tournament but the way you played in the last game against the Atlanta Longhorns makes you all winners in my book. You never gave up and you came from behind 6 to 1 and tied the game with no time left. Although we lost the game in the tie breaker you all showed me the heart of champions and it will not be long before you are champions.