Shelby Girls Fall Champions 2015, 2016
Shelby Girls Fall Runner-Up 2018
Shelby Sr Boys Fall Champions 2008, 2013
Shelby Sr Boys Fall Runner-Up 2017
TMSGA Boys Spring State Runner-Up 2009
TMSGA Boys Spring Western Regional Champions 2014





 plans this week:


Monday - 3/18 - practice Par 3 5 pm

Tuesday - new add - match versus Bartlett at Orgill at 4 pm

Thursday - match versus Houston at Ridgeway at 4 pm




In order to help get the most out of practice, I need to split the boys into 2 groups:  

Group 1 - Carson Todd, Joseph Eriksen, Whit Dean, Owen Murphy, Tate Jackson, & Harrison Smith

Group 2 - Joshua Morky, Walt Butler, Noah Cheek, Hudson Stephens, Cooper Dye, & Austin Coombs


Practice schedule for the coming week:

Monday, 8/20 - Group 2 - Vantage Point Driving Range on Macon.  Start time 4 pm - that is about the earliest that I can get there.

Tuesday, 8/21 - Group 1 - we will go to a course (to be named) to play 9 holes

Thursday, 8/23 - Group 2 plus Shelby - Windyke Par 3 course - 3:45 start



Welcome to the start of the Fall 2018 golf season - we will have our first meeting/practice on Saturday, August 11th at Windyke Par 3.  Lets meet at the Par 3 house at 9:30 AM.  We will play 9 holes that day after meeting and paper work.


Yesterday, I observed the following items:

1. Missed putts - our head and shoulders tend to moving too soon which results in lip outs and poor direction and speed. We need to continue to work on mainting the head still after impact, to listen for the putt to drop.

2. Alignment - our body is aimed one way while our target is another direction - leads to pulls, blocks, mishits.

3. Tempo - we snap the club back too fast and try to swing for the moon. Better tempo=better consistancey=better control and DISTANCE.

4. Chipping - while the form and thought process was still there - we are still using a club with too much loft which results in shots finishing half way to the hole = long and more putts.

To see either the boys or girls schedule, go to Schedules, then select as the team either the ECS boys or ECS girls.

We need to make sure that when we get in trouble, like trees, that we get back to the fairway and do not waste shots trying to pull off the 1 shot in 20 that might make it.

Lesson Tips
Full swing

1. Set your grip while behind the ball.
2. Pick out your aiming spot.
3. Address the ball. Remember to "bow down" toward the ball. Your feet, hips and shoulders should be parallel to the intended line of the ball and target. Imagine that you are standing an a railroad track. The ball is on the rail farthest from you and you are on the rail closest to you.
4. Swing and release the club down the intended line of flight.


1. All putts will have some amount of break.
2. Line the putt up from behind the ball.
3. Take your practice stroke from behind the ball while looking at your line. Think about how hard you need to stoke the ball to get it to finish just past the hole. A ball that finishes short of the hole never goes in!
4. Set up to the ball by placing your dominant hand first on the putter to line up your putt. Then place your other hand on the putter.
5. Be sure to "bow down" to the ball so that your eyes are over the ball and the intended line of your stroke.

I also like to see your place the ball forward in your stance toward the foot that is closest to the hole. For right-handers, this will be your left foot and for left-handers, this will be your right foot. That way you do not stroke the ball into the ground before it rolls toward the hole.