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  • Jags Olympic Division; Spring 2011

Congrats and best of luck to Flea on her ODP state team selections.

Just like the old times the girls had a great time one last time together. They ran around as if they were still 9 years old and time hadn't passed and nothing had changed. Parents gathered and enjoyed and relished the accomplishments of the future that sorrounded us. The memories of the Evolution ran through our minds and yesterday we chased them hoping that they will never fade because many more cannot be made. Seems we lost the one thing that made us feel as though we had it made. Seems we lost what was our thing and we kind of found some of it in Phyllis's DVD of the team and in Julia's action photo poster of the players and in our last end of the season party together.
To all my girls..... I just wanted to let you know that I m so proud of all of you!! Each and every one of you have grown so much right in front of my eyes, from little chubsters to looking me in the eye and feeling comfortable enough to talk to me about girl stuff. I can only hope that I made you as happy as you have made me. As the latest song on the website goes, I've had the time of my life being your Team Mom! I hope we never lose touch, but if life happens and we do, I want you to know that I will never forget you or the great times we had and that you will always hold a special place in my heart!! I wish you all the best and hope that you will all be happy with your new teams!! Luv u all!! Julia
Summer 2012 Ocean City Beach Blast Tournament
JAGS SPRING SCHEDULE. Olympic(red)Division.

Final record for the Evolution Spring '11 Jags Season
3 Wins, 1 Loss, 4 Ties.
Per our in house "Stats man" Braxton, 1st place in our group.

Tournament record for the Spring '11
6 wins, 6 losses, 4 ties

Indoor Record for winter '10~'11
15 wins, 10 losses, 3 ties

OVERALL RECORD FOR 4 years;league games, tournies, Indoor leagues but not scrimmages

Overall record for tournaments
62 wins, 42 losses, 28 ties

Overall record for League games
43 wins, 18 losses, 16 ties

Overall record for indoor league games
39 wins, 28 losses, 15 ties

Games played = 291
144 wins 88 losses and 59 ties.
If averaged out based on 10 games then we were season in and season out a
5 win 3 loss 2 tie team

COSTS over 4 years = $2605($651.25 per year)
$1325 = Total Team Budget fee contributions for original members
$320($1280) = per season EUSA registration Fee
Your Eusa Fee covered(per year) 2 tournaments, 18 training sessions, NJ State Cup & US CLUB NJ CUP entry fee, player passes fee and ref fees.
ADD per year
$250 = Center Circle indoor league for players who played in both winter sessions($125 per session)
$110 = uniform

Priceless = That so much was done with so little
**Ocean Twp United Jersey Shore Champions Cup
**Evolution 1 - 4 MARLTON SC DEVILS=LOSS(Eee,Vee)
**Evolution 1 - 2 HOLMDEL NJX MILAN=LOSS(Rossie,Kingee)

As usual, girls fought to compete till the end just as they always did, but thru out the years we struggled with one of the most important positions for a team and this last tournament was no different. The goalie position being one of the most difficult to fill. Nevertheless, players volunteered, though sometimes under duress, they performed admirably under stress and because Together Everyone Achieves More they never felt at fault because as they learned early on, "we win as a team and we lose as a team", and we certainly did.
Edison Evolution Team Highlights
*Hopewell Valley Memorial Day Weekend Tournament//FINALISTS
*Washington Township Easter Classic 2011//FINALISTS
*Soccer Centers League Winners Session II.('11)
*EDP Invitational Indoor MLK Tourny Champs(Jan.'11)
*Center Circle U-13G Indoor CHAMPIONS session I(Jan'11)u-12 at the time.
*PDA O'Reilly 2 - 0 Edison Evolution(Oct '10)
*Bridgewater 22nd Kickoff Classic Tournament 2010//FINALISTS
*JAGS U-12 SEASON(fall '10)
*2010 Maps/Caps Classic Semifinalists
*MNJYSA U-11G Division Champions(Spring '10)
*Manalapan Memorial Day Tourny Champions/top bracket(beat E.B. Wildcats 1-0)(Sp'10)
*Flight 1 Co-winners along with P. Elektrons-fall '09; 8W-1T-1L
*Bridgewater Kickoff Classic Champions(Beat P. Elektrons 1 - 0) Fall '09
*Flight 1 status U-10/U-11 seasons
*Indoor league U-11G session II Champions(3/09)were U-10 at time.
*U-9 Flight 2 undefeated 9-0-1, Flight winners(Spring '08)
*1st win vs E.B. Wildcats 1-0 (Oct '07). Only time John has ever truly cried.
*Piscataway Fall Tournament Champs U-9 (fall '07)
*Win of 1st/2nd friendlies as a team vs Metuchen Huskies Aug. '07
*Tie of last game of our indoor season at Soccer Centers winter Feb '07
always special as the girls went thru some painful growth as players
*The Future is born one cold Thanksgiving morning in Nov '06

Edison Evolution Team Lowlight
The End, 6/12/11 @ 9:10am
Dictionary Results 135-81-51;
ev·o·lu·tion /[ev-uh-loo-shuhn] –noun
1.any process of formation or growth; development: the evolution of a team.
2.a player motion incomplete in itself, but by combining with coordinated player motions produce a single action/result.