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Rules and Regulations

Men’s 5 on 5 Adult Basketball

Rules and Regulations


  • Players must be at least 18 years old. If a player’s age is questionable, they must show identification at the scorers table. Players can not play on more than one team in the league. Players must play in at least three games to play in the playoffs. If a player gets hurt right before playoffs, it is the captain’s responsibility to notify the League Coordinator within 24 hours.


  • All players must sign waivers and present at the table with a sheet that says they are okay prior to the start of their first game. They must also provide a license so that we may have copies on file. Any player that does not do so, including subs, will not play.


  • CAPTAINS are RESPONSIBLE for the behavior and conduct of their team

. Swearing will not be tolerated. Any inappropriate language that can be heard by the scorer at the table will result in a technical foul.


  • The captain is responsible for making sure his players dispose of any trash. The bench area should be trash-free before the start of the next game.


  • All players are required to wear some type of shirt with a number on the back for games.


  • Games are played on Monday’s at the tip off time posted on the schedule.


  • Games will consist of two 20 minute halves with stop time in the last minute of the first half and the last two in the second half. If a team has a 20+ point lead then there will be NO stop time.


  • All overtimes will consist of 3 minutes with stop time in the last minute.


  • Once the league has started, teams have two weeks to add to their roster. After the 2nd week players may be added for injury replacements. Injury replacements must be cleared by the League Coordinator before they can play. On the third running Monday of the league, rosters will be locked and only injury replacements can be added. There will be a $10 fee allotted to any individual who wants to sub after this date. All subs need to fill out a waiver and provide a copy of their license.


  • If the League Coordinator is unsure of a specific player on the roster, they reserve the right to ask for identification.


  • Teams must have 4 of their original roster players to start the game; otherwise games will be a forfeit. If a team starts with their four original players and a player is unable to continue playing due to injury/fouls/ect., the team may play with 3 players.


  • There will be a 5 minute grace period for each team before being considered a forfeit

. If you have your original 4 players you are allowed to bring a 5th player to the game for a $10 sub fee. This rule DOES NOT INCLUDE PLAYOFFS.


  • If you forfeit a game there will be a $50 fine.

This fee will be due before your next scheduled game. If you forfeit two games you and your team will be taken off the schedule without a refund. If you notify the League Coordinator 24 hours before your game, the forfeit fee will be reduced to $25.  


  • The penalty for techs will increase with each additional tech. The 1st tech will be a $10 fine, the 2nd $15, the 3rd $20, and the 4th will be $25 and a 1-game suspension. Any player ejected from a game will be suspended for 1 game and be fined $25.


  • ** ALL FEES MUST BE PAID AT THE SCORERS TABLE!! ** This includes forfeit, sub, and technical foul fees. The winning team will receive $50 of their next session. This is $50 off of their team fee. It can only be used for the session immediately following.


  • All score and rules will also be posted via



Contact Information:


League Coordinator

Matt Church or 401-236-6077

Shawn Frye or 401-236-6014