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  • SAT Jan 12
  • 3- 6 grade

19/20 Season

October 16, 2019

There are many changes this year that we are excited about.  Pease read!
This year we will be working together with the Firelands High School Boys and Girls basketball programs.  Their coaching staff and players will be actively involved in the program. We are looking forward to continuing the philosophy of the league that we have had for years and the expanded working relationship with the high school coaches and players.  Although we have a very good working relationship with the Firelands school system, this league is not run through the school system. We ask that you do not contact the schools for information about this league.  Please see the contact info below.

FCYB was created to bring the Firelands community together during the long winter months and to provide the opportunity for boys and girls in grades K thru 6 to learn and have fun playing the game of basketball. This is not a competitive league. It is an       instructional league.  Teams will be limited to 8 players per team so we may not be able to except players from outside the district this year. 

We will have 3 programs this year.   A Travel league for 4, 5 & 6 grade boys ( a girls travel league will start next year), Community league for 4, 5, 6 grade girls and boys & The Little Dribblers Program for K-3 grade.  Fill out the form attached to register for any of the programs. The travel league will have tryouts on Nov. 3 at SAMS.  Check out the website for times.

Fees:   The cost to play this year is $60.00. We do, however, offer a discount for multiple children within the same family.  The first child is $60.  each additional is $50.  THERE WILL BE A $50.00 Return Check fee. If you need to make payments (example $20 a month) please do.

We need new sponsors to continue to keep the cost down.  Please Help!
I can email you a form if you want one.  Ask your employer or local businesses.

Information:     Your best source of information is to complete the e-mail address at the top of your child’s sign up form. You will be added to an e-mailing list, and you will receive important updates on clinics, practices, games, etc.  You will NOT receive a phone call about clinics.
We will follow: Concussion in Youth Sports: Ohio's Return-to-Play Law  & Lindsay’s Law www.healthy.ohio.gov/vipp/concussion.aspx & www.odh.ohio.gov/landing/Lindsays-Law.aspx
All league information, clinics, practice and game schedules will be posted on our website at 

Firelands Mini Dribblers Program
Administrators – Chelsey Copley & Kevin Kelley

Mini Dribblers is an instructional program for kids in grades K-3. The mini dribblers
program is designed to introduce and teach the fundamentals of basketball in a unique, exciting
and educational way. Setup is similar to last year’s mini dribblers. The hoops will be lowered to
8-ft. and there will be a combination of learning and games. This is the perfect program for kids
just starting and learning to love the game. The following fundamentals are coached during this
program, which will last approximately 75 minutes per session

1. Ball handling: Stationary, Strong and Weak Hand, Core Moves, Races
2. Passing Chest and Bounce, Partner Passing, Pass and Catch Competitions
3. Shooting Form Shooting, Team Shooting Games, Hot Shot
4. Defense: Stance Drill, Closeouts, Coach Says Drill
5. Game Situations: 2-on-2, 3-on-3, 5-on-5
The following Saturday’s is when the program will be held at Sams. DECEMBER  7, 14 & 21 @ 1:15- 2:30
Firelands HS - January 11, 18 &  25. @ 11:00- 12:15 

The Mini Dribblers will perform at half time of the
Clearview game, 1/31/20.

Firelands Community Youth Basketball Program
Administrator – Colleen Pete

The Firelands Community Youth Basketball will be back again this January for all boys
and girls in grades 4 thru 6. This league will provide all boys and girls the opportunity to
participate in the community basketball league during the months of January, February and
March. All games are at Sams Middle School on Saturday afternoons.
Clinics are at Firelands HS on Dec. 14 & 21 @ 11:00-1:00pm.

Falcons LC8 Youth Basketball
Administrator – Ty Grude

Firelands Falcons head basketball coach, Alan Januzzi will be implementing a youth
basketball league for boys currently in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades. Each team will consist
of ten players per age group currently attending a school in Firelands School District. They will
be participating in the LC8 Basketball league, with the schools in the conference. This will
enable each of the boy's to play a competitive level of basketball. Players on a LC8 roster will
not be eligible to participate in the community youth program. Those players not making a LC8
team will be eligible to participate in the community league. Emphasis will be placed on
teaching the boys the fundamentals that Coach Januzzi and the coaching staff is teaching at the
high school level.

Tryouts are at SAMS, Sunday, 11/3/19.
4 th grade – 2-3:00pm
5 th grade – 3:30-4:30pm
6 th grade – 5-6:00pm

Registration Form

You can print your own Click 'Forms' Then 'Handouts'

Lindsay's Law

  Every parent and coach must read this information and sign a form before their child can participate in a clinic, practice or game. 

I will have forms at the clinic but if you want to save time you can print one up and have it ready. 

Lindsay’s Law: Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Youth Athletes

What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

A Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) occurs when the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating, cutting off blood flow to the brain and other vital organs.  Sudden cardiac arrest is fatal if not treated immediately, most often by a defibrillator.

Who is Lindsay?

Senate Bill 252 is named for national heart health advocate and former Miss Ohio Lindsay Davis who suffers from a heart condition and has since dedicated her career to raising awareness of this potentially fatal condition.

"Sudden cardiac arrest is the number one killer of student athletes," said Davis. "At any moment I could have died because coaches and teachers had no idea this was even a possibility for someone who looked as healthy as I did at that age."


Lindsay’s Law

Lindsay’s Law, Ohio Revised Code 3313.5310, 3707.58 and 3707.59 went into effect in 2017.

In accordance with this law, the Ohio Department of Health, the Ohio Department of Education, the Ohio High School Athletic Association, the Ohio Chapter of the American College of Cardiology and other stakeholders jointly developed guidelines and other relevant materials to inform and educate students and youth athletes participating in or desiring to participate in an athletic activity, their parents, and their coaches about the nature and warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest.

The following resources were developed to implement Lindsay’s Law:

For frequently asked questions and answers, click here.

For parents/guardians and youth athletes:

For coaches:

  • If you are a coach for an interscholastic sport and are licensed by the Ohio Department of Education, please visit their website for information about their training requirements around Lindsay’s Law.

  • If you are a coach in a community program, please use the following resources:




In the 5 years i have been involved we have only cancelled Basketball once due to weahter.  Cancellation may be determined by the school custodian or a director.  IF WE CANCEL I WILL POST HERE FIRST THEN TEXT ALL COACHES.

When School is Cancelled then Practices are cancelled for that day.  



General League Information

Fireland Community Youth Basketball is a community based basketball program in the Firelands School District. The league has been in existence for 25 years. There have been some basic changes over the years, but for the most part, the league has seen great success by sticking to some very strong core values. These include, fair play regardless of ability, placing an emphasis on the children having fun and teaching the game of basketball in a positive environment where the kids can learn some pretty important life skills.
Our games are played at South Amherst Middle School on Saturday's. We will begin group practices around the first week in December, break up into teams near the end of December and begin our games the second week back from Christmas break.
There will be no week night practices before we go on Christmas break, but each team will have 1 weeknight practice every week after we come back from our holiday vacation.
Games will be played every Saturday up until the first of March and then we have a playoff for 3rd grade through 6th grade teams.
We are looking to increase team counts for 3rd and 4th grade girls, 5th and 6th grade girls, as well as 5th and 6th grade boys. We are going to allow individuals outside of the community to sign up as long as they fit into these divisions. See below with regards to our goals within each division.
We will be pushing to accelerate sign ups this year so we can get teams assembled prior to the break and get some practice time in before games start. Please don't wait to sign your child up.

The 1st &  2nd grade program will start with the Little Dribblers Program Jan.5 at 9:30 at SAMS.


When do games start?  ABOUT Jan 6th for 3rd - 6th grade.   Jan. 27th for 1st & 2nd grade

When do practices start? Week of Jan. 4th for 3rd - 6th graders.  1st and 2nd grade clinics will start Sat Jan 6th & 13th. 

Where are practices?  Most will be at the Elementary school. 1st & 2nd grade will only practice at the Middle School on Thursdays or Fridays starting Jan. 19th. 

Who makes up the teams?  The league directors. We make up teams so that they are as even talent wise and age wise as possible. 

Do we need more help? Always!

FCYB Policy on District Residency

Since FCYB began, the written rule was that you had to live within the Firelands School District to play community basketball.
Starting back in 2008, we allowed some children to come into the league that were from outside of the district. This was done so to fill a need within our program as well as provide interested children with a place to play basketball. It is not the intent or desire of this program to take in children from outside of the community in large numbers. We allow this to gain players in certain divisions, which enables us to keep our numbers up and makes it more fun for everyone involved.
Understanding that this process needs to be a little more clear, we will outline what this means below.
1. Sign ups are for individual players only. We will allow no teams from outside of the district to come into this league as a team. We will allow a maximum of 2 players to "come together" as we recognize there could be a need for ride share, etc. There will be no exceptions.
2. At this time, we are not accepting any players from outside of the district for our 1st and 2nd grade program.
3. We will accept players from outside of the district for 5th & 6th grade boys and girls and 3rd and 4th grade girls.
4. FCYB reserves the right to modify these caps base on our sign ups from within the community.
5. FCYB will not discriminate based on gender, race, or ability.
6. Sign ups from outside of the community are on a first come first serve basis.
7. FCYB reserves the right to modify this policy as it relates to being in the best interest of the program, as well as the children that it serves.