• 2015 Spring Training Scores
  • 3/7/15: Cardinals (6) @ Rangers (8)
  • 3/10/15: Cardinals (11) @ Rangers (29)
  • Rangers walk off with 2 run blast to win 8-6.
  • 1/24/15: Rangers pitchers and catchers report to Pickton, TX.


2013 Fall Wiffle Ball World Series

December 19, 2013

The Cardinals (formally known as the Rough Riders) get revenge on the Rangers (formally known as the Titans) from the 2011 Fall Wiffle Ball World Series.


Game 1: Rangers (0) @ Cardinals (5) [Cardinals lead series 1-0]

Game 2: Rangers (6) @ Cardinals (5) [Series tied 1-1]

Game 3: Cardinals (6) @ Rangers (4) [Cardinals lead series 2-1]

Game 4: Cardinals (2) @ Rangers (3) [Series tied 2-2]

Game 5: Cardinals (0) @ Rangers (5) [Rangers lead series 3-2]

Game 6: Rangers (1) @ Cardinals (2) [Series tied 3-3]

Game 7: Rangers (13) @ Cardinals (15) [Cardinals win series 4-3]



Both teams decided to break out their bats in a high scoring game 7 showdown.  In what is being called one of the best wiffle ball world series it all came down to game 7 between these two ball clubs yet again.  In a series that had two games that ended in shut outs and five games being decided by 2 runs or less what more could you ask for?  Compared to Game 7 two years ago this game was more contested with both Tyler Canipe and Mark Anderson being tougher outs for the dynamic duo of Canipe and Bufkin for the Rangers.  The game went back and forth most of the time but late in the top of the 7th with the Rangers trailing 11-13 they were able to claw back and tie the game up at 13 going to the bottom of the 7th.  All game long Anderson had been hitting the ball to almost the same location so Canipe called for a shift by Bufkin to move over and sure enough as he did so Anderson lines one to center field to get on base as the winning run late in the ball game.  With one out and Tyler Canipe up to bat who had already went yard twice in the ball game had a pitch from his older brother that was in his sweet spot.  Tyler Canipe pulled it and had just enough as it was out of the reach of Bufkin's glove as it sailed over the wall off the roof of the shed.  It was a walk off two run shot that gave the Cardinals their first title and got revenge on the Rangers from two years ago.  "It's a great feeling to finally win a Wiffle Ball World Series. This was my 3rd crack at it and as they usually say 3rd times a charm."-Mark Anderson. "It feels good to get a little pay back on them. They celebrated a little too much back in 2011 and rubbed it in our faces. We remembered that feeling and didn't want to experience it again."-Tyler Canipe.  "The Cardinals are a scrappy bunch, they have my respect and I will not take them as lightly the next time our paths cross."-Rangers Manager Clinton Trusty.  

2011 Fall Wiffle Ball World Series

December 22, 2011

The 2011 Fall Wiffle Ball World Series concluded under the lights tonight with the Tempe Titans winning game 7 by a final of 13-6.


Game 1: River Valley Rough Riders (1) @ Tempe Titans (7) [Tempe leads series 1-0]

Game 2: River Valley Rough Riders (7) @ Tempe Titans (10) [Tempe leads series 2-0]

Game 3: Tempe Titans (4) @ River Valley Rough Riders (3) [Tempe leads series 3-0]

Game 4: Tempe Titans (2) @ River Valley Rough Riders (4) [Tempe leads series 3-1]

Game 5: Tempe Titans (9) @ River Valley Rough Riders (13) [Tempe leads series 3-2]

Game 6: River Valley Rough Riders (9) @ Tempe Titans (4) [Series tied 3-3]

Game 7: River Valley Rough Riders (6) @ Tempe Titans (13) [Tempe wins series 4-3]



The Tempe Titans claim bragging rights after a game 7 victory over the River Valley Rough Riders.  New teams were formed after Spring Wiffle Ball went into a lockout.  Players were shuffled around and new faces emerged.  Joe Bufkin and Cameron Canipe became teammates when the Tempe Titans organization was formed.  The General Manager had followed the two ball players ever since their college days and wanted to try to start a dynasty with his new ball club.  With the organization also hiring long time manager Clinton Trusty away from the San Francisco Miners, the front office felt like this could be a special season for the fans of Tempe.  With the River Valley coming back and tying the series at 3-3 the Titans Ballpark in Tempe was packed for the deciding game 7.  Joe Bufkin got the start for the Titans and he had what possibly was his best outing ever in a wiffle ball uniform.  Bufkin went 5 scoreless innings before allowing his first run but by then the Titans had already claimed 7 run lead.  Bufkin also went yard 3 times that's 3 times in his first 3 at bats. "You know I just had a good night in general. The home run derby was earlier in the day and it seemed like I couldn't hit anything and got bounced early in it but once the game started I just felt a lot better about the bat I was swinging and how I was pitching on the mound.  Canipe came on in relief  and allowed 5 runs but the Rough Riders were never close to getting back in the game as the Titans walked away with 13-6 victory.  Rookie Tyler Canipe got his first start in a championship series and was rocked early in the ball game reminiscent of his teammate Mark Anderson earlier in year during the Spring Wiffle Ball World Series.  "I really didn't know what to expect coming into this game, I knew there was a lot at stake tonight but I feel as the game went on I started to settle down some as a player and if we had just a few more innings we possibly could of made this thing a lot more interesting."-Tyler Canipe.

2011 Spring Wiffle Ball World Series

May 24, 2011

In what ended up being a pretty lopsided series the Arkansas Red Rangers walk away as the 2011 Spring Wiffle Ball Champions.


Game 1: Arkansas Red Rangers (16) @ Yuma Screaming Eagles (10) [Arkansas leads series 1-0]

Game 2: Arkansas Red Rangers (12) @ Yuma Screaming Eagles (5) [Arkansas leads series 2-0]

Game 3: Yuma Screaming Eagles (7) @ Arkansas Red Rangers (18) [Arkansas leads series 3-0]

Game 4: Yuma Screaming Eagles (14) @ Arkansas Red Rangers (26) [Arkansas wins series 4-0]



The Arkansas Red Rangers broke out not just the sticks but also the brooms in game 4 to get a clean sweep of the up and coming Yuma Screaming Eagles ball club.  The Red Rangers out scored the Screaming Eagles by a total of 72-36.  Joe Bufkin of the Red Rangers got the start on the bump in game 4 and came out a little sluggish by allowing 7 runs in the first 3 innings of play. "Cameron (Canipe) has always been my toughest out when I face him.  This dates back to when we faced off in the 2009 Summer Wiffle Ball World Series and also when we came up through the minors."-Joe Bufkin.  Bufkin and Canipe do have a history in facing each other on the wiffle ball diamond.  They faced off twice in the Summer College Wiffle Ball World Series as members of the UAFS Lions and the UT Longhorns.  Their paths would cross again just a few months later in the minors when Bufkin was member of the Tyson Tigers (Arkansas Red Rangers affiliate) and Canipe a member of the Vegas Wolfpack (Yuma Screaming Eagles affiliate).  This was also the first appearance of the young rookie from UAFS Mark Anderson.  Anderson got the nod and was unsteady for the most part allowing a total of 18 runs for the game.  "I was nervous and I never really could get settled down.  It seemed like anywhere I put the ball Davis or Bufkin were knocking it out of the park."-said Anderson after the game.  By the time Canipe got put in the game was pretty much already in the bag. "We just dug ourselves in a hold early and never really got back on the same page and they made us pay..simple as that."-Canipe.  "This was our fourth straight game of putting up double digit runs and I was really hoping we would be able to continue our success and that's exactly what happened."-said Davis.  In the end the Red Rangers were victorious with a 26-14 win over the Screaming Eagles in the 2011 Spring Wiffle Ball World Series.

2009 Summer Wiffle Ball World Series (Swimming Pool Edition)

June 20, 2009

In what was a day full of Wiffle Ball games the inaugural Summer Wiffle Ball World Series made a splash literally. With 5 games in the book here's the recap of the day.


Game 1: UAFS Lions (2) @ UT Longhorns (5)

Game 2: UT Longhorns (3) @ UA Razorbacks (6) [Razorbacks Advance to Title]

Game 3: UT Longhorns (2) @ UAFS Lions (1) [Longhorns Advance to Title / Lions Eliminated]



Game 1: UT Longhorns (2) @ UA Razorbacks (3) [Razorbacks lead series 1-0]

Game 2: UA Razorbacks (8) @ UT Longhorns (4) [Razorbacks win series 2-0]



In what turned out to be one of the most controversial finishes in a game the Longhorns fall 8-4 in the final game of the 2009 Summer Wiffle Ball World Series.  This was the game of the long ball as both teams hit grand slams.  With the game tied at 4 in the top of the second inning Travis Davis hit his first grand slam to give the Razorbacks the lead 8-4.  Early in the game the Razorbacks had an outfielder get injured so Joe Bufkin of UAFS filled in as a replacement.  In the bottom of the third inning the Longhorns had the bases loaded and Cameron Canipe was up as the tying run.  With two outs Davis pitch was down the middle and Canipe hit it to dead center but started to fall.  Bufkin made a diving catch to seal the victory for the Razorbacks...or did he?  According to Canipe the angle he saw was the Bufkin didn't get under the ball and that it bounced before he had possession.  "In my opinion it should of been a two run double for me.  We still would of been down two runs at the time but we would of still been playing and the way we were swinging the bats that inning I really feel we could of got our of there with the victory. But it wasn't reviewed and it was a 2 against 1 call and the ruling went against us, it is what it is."-Cameron Canipe.  Bufkin had another side of the story "I did have control of the ball as I went to the ground.  I feel that the umps made the right call and the Razorbacks were awarded the title."-Joe Bufkin.  "I really didn't see it develop.  I just know Canipe got a good hit off of me and I was hoping Bufkin was able to come up with the catch and according to the umps he did and I was fine with that."-Travis Davis.  The Razorbacks ended up winning the game by a final of 8-4.  In 2013 Bufkin now a member of the Rangers Wiffle Ball team came clean in a report admitting that he indeed did not have control of the ball and that Canipe should of been awarded with a clean hit.  The record books still have the Razorbacks as champions of the 2009 Summer Wiffle Ball World Series but the Longhorns have an asterisk by it in their mind.