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  • Welcome to the GAC 11U Travel Baseball Team's Webpage
  • Head Coach - Sven Steinberg (443-463-0706),
  • 11U GAC Mission: To teach the fundamentals of baseball in a safe, fun and competitive environment.

12U Gambrills Athletic Club Tryouts

The Gambrills Athletic Club's Fall 2016/Spring 2017 12U travel baseball team will be holding tryouts on Saturday/Sunday, August 13th/14th from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM. Interested Players must attend both days.

The 11U team is coming off a strong season, which included several Tournament Championship. We are looking to add a few dedicated players and their families to the Gambrills family.

The tryouts will be at: 682 McKnew Road, Gambrills, MD 21054, Field # 4.

Registration is highly recommended, and the registration form can be found at the following location: A link to the registration is also located on the top right of the site’s main page.

For additional information, or if you are unable to make tryouts and would like a private workout please contact Coach Sven at

When Crying in Baseball is OK

Expectations of Parents for Coming Year

 Prior to the start of each season, our coaches establish goals and expectations for the team and its players as a means to measure success.  We have found that the strategy of defining and measuring goals and expectations is a fruitful endeavor. As such, we will continue our legacy of establishing goals and expectations for the team and its players this season. Starting this season, we will be expanding our goals and expectations to focus on parents. To explain our expectations for parents, we would like you to read St. Louis Cardinals’ manager Make Matheny's commentary that he gave to his team’s parents after he retired from baseball and before he coached in the MLB. The expectations have been added to the site’s main menu titled ‘Expectations of Parents’, and is accessible at the following link:

Setting expectations and goals is a valuable process, but we have found that our results have been somewhat inadequate because of the narrow focus on the team’s players and coaches. The attitudes and skill sets of the coaches and players are the core of a team’s success and failures, but parents have a significant influence on team success, too. As such, we have refined our goals and expectations for the team to focus on players, coaches, and parents.

Why are we expanding our expectations to parents this year? Good question! There are two reasons why parents are so crucial to team success:

(1) Practice – games and team practices are great opportunities for skill development and team building. Realistically, though, children will not be able to maximize their potential if they only get to develop their skills during team practices and games. Baseball is a finesse game that requires skill and athleticism, which is developed through practice and repetition. Parents are needed because they have influence on their children outside of games and practices. During this time, parents can work on athleticism by playing non-baseball games with their children, such as football, kick ball, soccer, etc… Parents can work on skill set by playing catch, throwing batting practice, and hitting balls to their kids. Coaches cannot provide the one-on-one attention that parents can.

(2) Attitude – believe it or not, your kids were formed from your DNA. The attitude you display as parents is the same attitude your child is likely to display on the field. The competitive environment of sports is emotional in itself; throw in the dynamics of having your kids playing, and it is quite likely that opportunities will arise when parents may be tempted to become overly emotional. Over the years, we have seen the negative impact that parents can have on the players during games and practices when parents get over emotional. This year, we want our parents to display the right attitude all the time, whether your kid does well or is doing poorly. A kid playing poorly does not get better with the added pressures of their parents; in fact, we have found that kids will bring themselves out of slumps if the added pressure is taken off of them.   

To reiterate, the coaches of the Gambrills Aces 10 baseball travel team expect our players' parents to provide additional practice outside of games, and we expect them to have the right attitude when they are cheering the team on during games and practices. Don’t forget to read Mike Matheny’s commentary.