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2014 GCABL Season

Hello All You Fans of the GCABL,

     I suppose some of you have wondered what has happened to the GCABL this year. Well, I myself made people aware that last year would be my last season as the League President of the GCABL. I gave the reins to Matt Riddle and Brent Ricker to take over and keep it running for years to come. But, they ran into some issues with securing a field to use for the 2014 season. The guys are still working on trying to get a field to run a short season of baseball but it isn't looking promising. However, I have full confidence that Matt and Brent will have the GCABL in full force for 2015 and beyond. If anyone has a contact for a baseball field that could be used for the GCABL, please contact Matt or Brent and let them know, please.

Thanks to all of you that have played and supported the GCABL since 2005, when we had our 1st season. I have enjoyed it and i hope all of you have had as much fun as i did.


Bill Jennings

2013 GCABL League Championship Series

July 29, 2013

It is that time of year again. The time has come to crown a new Champion. The 2013 LCS will start (if we have no more rain outs) on July 29th. It will be a 6 team double elimination type tournament. Which means that the Top 2 teams will get a first round bye and the other 4 will play on the 29th. The Schedule for the 1st 2 nights are posted below. The brackets will be emailed to all coaches soon.

New Player Signups

Anyone interested in playing in the 2013 season, please contact us by emailing the League Office for more details or fill out the registration form in the Online Forms section on the left side of the home page. Or in the Right Hand upper corner of this page.

ALL incoming players will be added to Player Pool for teams who need players to find what they need.

And to those of you that have already signed up, thank you for your interest in the GCABL and hopefully you will be getting a contact soon from your new team.

League Information

The GCABL was established in 2005 and consisted of 4 teams playing 12 season games and a double-elimination league championship tournament. The GCABL consists of recreational, former high school and college players taking part in the National Pastime game of baseball. So,no matter what level you play/ed at their is a place for players of all ages and abilities as long as you abide by our league rules set forth by the league office and voted on by the team managers you can join the GCABL. To be part of our league just send us an email with your information.