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Welcome to the George's Pizza/Aurora Auto Body/Cubbys Softball Team Website!

I know the only people who look at this website is our own players. But whether you are from a different team, or part of this team, take a look around. Click on some buttons, look at some pictures. If you are looking for a tournament or need to know the date of a tourney, check out our Tournament Page on the left. It doesn't just have the tourney's we are thinking of attending, but tourneys all over the state, North Dakota, and Minnesota. Contact info will be updated once we find some.

First Scheduled Practice....

Yeah you missed it!

First League Game

I'm sure it will be that first week in may, if there anyway...we'll have practice!

We would like to give a shout out to our sponsors

Georges Pizza has not only best pizza in town, but arguably the whole state. Not to mention the burgers, pasta, steak, and the fantastic Greek food. Especially the Gyro's! Plus there is no better pizza at 2 A.M. in the world!

Aurora Auto Body not only works on the body of your car, they can complete any kind of maintenance you need! The best part about Aurora Auto Body, is they have the lowest prices and you never have to worry about getting screwed over for blinker fluid. They throw that in for free!

Cubbys Sports Bar and Grill is the kind of sports bar you are looking for. You can't move without seeing 15 tv's. TV's everywhere, great food, full bar, and the best part, Cubbys is now completely SMOKE FREE!!! Stop on down and watch a game, if you can find a seat!
The softball team says THANK YOU for the Sponsorship! Not every team gets a sponsor like you! We are truly the luckiest team around!