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  • 2015 State Farm Classic Champions
  • 2015 Blue Chip Elite Champions


Guidelines: GA Fusion Basketball 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Boys 2016

Who we are:

We are a Columbia County based tournament basketball organization that is designed for the purpose of
providing year-round playing opportunities for our players. We pride ourselves in being one of the only
organizations in the Columbia County area with no off-season.


Our purpose is to provide you the parent, with a tool aimed at promoting productive life-growth for
your player. We will achieve our purpose by providing prolific experiences and opportunities.

Guiding Principles

 Ethics: We will maintain the highest standard of moral behavior in everything we do.
 Safety: We will maintain the highest degree of protection for all.
 Excellence: We will strive for the highest degree of distinction in our actions.
 Sustainability: Our organization is designed to endure

2016 Goals

 We will prepare our players to play at the Middle School level.
 Under our guiding principles, we will make every effort to produce winning teams.
 We will participate in as many tournaments as the players and parents will allow.
 We will support USBA and NTBA Basketball
 We will travel to  regional tournaments during the tournament season .
 We will travel to and play in a nationally sanctioned tournament as our season finale event (July);
 We will continue with our current approach to provide year-round basketball opportunities.
 We will practice and prepare, relentlessly.

Estimated Cost Structure
We are a “not for profit, pay as we go” basketball organization. It is our goal to provide the highest
quality program at the lowest cost.
Fusion Uniform $ 80.00
Shoes (optional) $ 85.00
Socks (optional) $ 11.00
Shooting Shirts (optional) $ 20.00
Parents Shirts (optional) $ 20.00
Bags (optional) $ 30.00
Gym Fee per Practice* $ 5.00
Tournament Fee $10 - $20

* Some facilities are available at no cost.