The Georgia  Ladyballers is a girls travel basketball club program. The Ladyballers competes in statewide and exposure basketball tournament events. As an organization, we felt it was necessary to introduce our competitive basketball program to serious minded young girls everywhere. I, as the Director decided that it was time to work with girls who wanted to learn the techniques and fundamentals that will enable them improve in their skills, and ultimately gain the skill set to be eligible for collegiate athletic scholarships. Many programs promise to teach the fundamentals of the game. This program goes above and beyond the normal regime. We teach the principles that go along with the fundamentals of the game. This program includes over 10 years of coaching experience. Through this web site we hope to reach out to female athletes that may be looking for a program of this caliber. Our organization provides quality exposure tournaments and showcases for our athletes hoping to reach the next level.

As our organization begins its 1st year of existence, the Georgia Ladyballers program has a mission to bring much-needed national recognition to young ladies within Georgia and surrounding states. As a result we feel that major colleges and universities will increase the number of full scholarships offered to young ladies from this state as well as others and that opportunities for participation in other basketball events. Competition at this level demands skill, Dedication and Commitment, from both the players and the parents. While this is difficult to say, “Only the qualified need apply.” 


If you decide to not participate with our organization, we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone the best of luck on their chosen teams. We look forward to seeing you in friendly competition in the future. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 1(205)222-8426 or 

Respectfully yours,
Program Director 




Our mission is to build a program that would allow our participants to develop discipline, morals, and character as individuals while operating as a harmonious and successful unit. We also will blend individuals into a team with the opportunity to improve on fundamentals, position skill set, and increase knowledge of the game, while attempting to optimize both personal and team potential. A particular important part of our mission is to prepare each team member to use their talents to achieve scholarships so that they may attain a higher education.




Ladyballers Basketball Prayer.
God, let me play well and fairly.
let competition make me strong but never hostile.
Forbid me to over rejoice in the adversity of others.
if I am able to have victory, allow me to be happy ;
if I am denied, keep me from envy. Remind me that this sport is
just a game, but through this sport allow me to learn something
that matters once the game is over. And if through athletics I
set an example, let it be a good one...
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