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  • 1st East - CASL Spartan Elite Black (9-0-0) 27 Pts
  • 1st West - W-S Lady Twins White (9-0-0) 27 pts
  • 2nd East - SCSC Lady Celtic Green (7-0-2) 23 pts
  • 2nd West - HFC Ladies Red (8-1-0) 24 pts
  • 2nd Pied - LNSC Lady Strikers (9-0-0) 27 pts

Premier Standings by Points Lost

Premier____________________________________________Points Lost__GP
1_______1st-West________95 W-S Lady Twins White__________0_______9
2_______1st-East_________95 CASL Spartan Elite Black_______0_______9
3_______1st-West________95 SCSA Gold___________________5_______9
4_______1st-West_______95 LNSC Lady Storm Black__________11______9
5_______1st-West________95 CSC Blue Freedom_____________11______9
6_______1st-East________95 OCSA Coastal Crew____________11_______9
7_______1st-West________95 GYS Twisters Green____________11______9
8_______1st-East_________95 Cape Fear Wave White_________12______9
9_______1st-East________95 Triangle FC Navy_______________13______9
10______1st-West________95 NMSC Red___________________14______9
11______1st-East________95 Triangle United Gold____________14______9
12______1st-East________95 CASL Spartan Premier Black______15______9

a_______1st-West________95 MUFC Navy__________________17______9
b_______1st-East________95 Wilson Explosion Blue___________19______9
c_______1st-East________95 CASL Spartan Elite White________19______9
d_______1st-East________95 Carolina Classic________________20______8
e_______1st-West________95 SCSA Blue___________________23______9
f_______1st-East________95 BSC Cardinal__________________23______8
g_______1st-West________95 CUFC Gold____________________25______9
h_______1st-West________95 GYS Twisters Gold_____________25______9

Clinched Premier Slot in Bold
Eliminated from Premier Slot