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My name is Michael Bruno.  I am your Head Coach for this Spring Season of Great neck League Baseball.  You are officially drafted onto the Orioles.

For those of you who are returning-welcome back.  I was Head Coach of the Rattlers in the Fall.  For those of you who do not I have been coaching in the Great Neck League for the past 8 years.  I do not have a son on the team.  My son is turning 13 this year and taking a break from baseball this season. 

I have had a great time coaching in the past 8 years and know that this season will be an enjoyable one as well.  I look forward to working with all of you as the season progresses. 

I have no assistant coach assigned, so anyone that wants to step in to assist as the games and practices come and go feel free to do so - I look forward to the help.  I teach with a FUN is first approach in that in order to learn the game and perform well they have to enjoy the game.  I get there by helping them understand why they need to do what they do at each position-then apply that to teamwork and it gets the job done.  I will also be teaching them how to hit - I know that a lot of you may already have coaches in the works - but just give it a chance. I follow a proven method - and everyone will be able to crush the ball by the end of the season.  I won't take away from anything they have learned already - I promise.  I use the BaBoom OR rotational hitting method.  You can youtube it and the videos of those little peewee players sending it to the fence are real - and it works, fast - and everytime for every player. 

You can email or text me at 218-2966 with any questions.  More information to come soon.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to serve as Coach and I look forward to a great season and a great time with all of you.  Below are the names of the team members(with names, emails  and numbers of parents to aid in contacting each other):