• Many thanks to our 2016 team sponsors . . . Green Tree Borough....
  • Pittsburgh Mailing...Ugly Dog Saloon...Becker & Becker, Attorneys ...Three Rivers Cardiac
  • TSS Photography....Italian Bread Place and Deli....Precision Electrical
  • J&J Sports...Dick's Sporting Goods...Antney's Ice Cream...Pediatric Alliance


Welcome and Thank You!

Dear Green Tree Athletic Association Members,

On October 2, 2016, Green Tree Athletic Association held the Annual Meeting of its members and elected the following new Officers.  Please welcome the following:

  • Ed Scott | President
  • Joe Knouff | First Vice President (Equipment)
  • Shannon Stahl | Second Vice President (Fields)
  • Carmen Bochicchio | Treasurer (re-elected)
  • Jennifer Altenbaugh | Secretary
  • Ron Fingers | Jr. Baseball Commissioner
  • Greg Schuetz | Sr. Baseball Commissioner 
  • Nikki Busch | Soccer Commissioner

One Board Positions still remain vacant (see below) and need filled ASAP.   If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions, please email edscottgaa@gmail.com

  • Fast/Slow Pitch Softball Commissioner


We also would like to give a special THANK YOU to the most recent board members, Bill Simmons, Jim Feeney, Rusty Phillippi, Hal Minford, Janine Palmer, Joann Serakowski and Shannon Stahl for all their time and many years they volunteered to GAA.


We all are looking forward to an amazing 2017 Athletic Season!  Please check back often for new updates and announcements.


Very truly yours,

Ed Scott



Green Tree Baseball / Softball Registration



GAA Sponsors

The Green Tree Athletic Association would like to thank all of our 2016 league and team sponsors. A complete list can be found here.

The Green Tree Athletic Association has been a part of the Green Tree community for almost 50 years. We have a long standing reputation with the surrounding communities as a premier community sports organization with a state of the art complex. Through the generous donations of residents and businesses and the cooperation of the Borough of Green Tree we are able to provide a fun filled season for over 200 Green Tree boys and girls ages 5 through 18 who play baseball and softball (including Fast Pitch) at the borough fields including Hemlock I & II, Aiken I & II and Wilson Field.

Boys   Girls  
Rookies Age 5 & 6 Rookies Age 5 & 6
Instructional Ages 7 & 8 Instructional Ages 7 & 8
Minors Ages 9 & 10 Intermediate / 10U Fast Pitch Ages 9 & 10
Little League Ages 11 & 12 Minors / 12U Fast Pitch Ages 11 & 12
Pony Age 13 & 14 SWIG / 15U Fast Pitch Ages 13, 14 & 15
Colt Age 15 & 16 Sr. SWIG Ages 16, 17 & 18