The Eastern Carolina Youth Football League at Gainesville, Florida 

a "NEW" and exciting youth football league, parents your kids have played in other youth football league but there have not been a youth league like this in all of Florida. The Eastern Carolina Youth Football League "Balancing Academic and Athletics".

                                                            About Us

Grades-All participants must maintain a passing grade to participate in the ECYFL, its simply "GRADES" FIRST,SPORT SECOND, failure to maintain a passing grades the participates become academic  ineligible and can not participate until their grades come up to standard. That why the ECYFL set up a tutorial program to make sure that no participate fall through crack. Those that maintain their grades will be rewarded by becoming academic American. 

Football-made up of three age group Flag 5-7 year old, College 7-10 year and Pro 11-14 year old with no weight limit. Each age group consist of football, cheerleader and a reporting team now here where the Eastern Carolina Youth Football League is different than most youth football league. The college and pro age group will look like there counterpart in the NCAA and NFL the uniforms will be current or throwback without altering the team uniforms in addiction the league rules will be govern by NFL rules so not only will we look like the big boys we will play like then as well.

Cheerleaders-Our Cheerleader squad each age group will have its challenge each week like the football beginning with pre-season during half time of each game. Squad verse squad with the winner squad announce before the beginning of the fourth quarter this challenge continue each week leading up to the "CHEERLEADER CHAMPIONSHIP" game during each football championship game.

Reporting-We have added something new to our league its a "REPORTING TEAM" that right, now parents you can get up to date news on your team each week a reproting team will be assign to each football and cheerleader teams. The purpose of a reporter team is to keep that team fans inform about their football and cheerleader teams just like the big boy you get round the clock cover of your team with interviewing from Coaches, Players, Parents as well as stats and more.

Championship Game- football and cheerleader will have their visitation and championship dinner during the beginning of each game there will be each team will escort announcement and starting lineup announcement

Bowl Game-The college division will have bowl games for teams that did not make the championship game, just think your son or daughter playing in a bowl game like the Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Roses, Gator etc...

Season Consist-Our season consist of two per-season games, ten regular season games playoff, Conference Championship and Super Bowl Game & National Champion then All-Star/Pro bowl Game.

Hall of Fame-Our league have Hall of Fame if a participate is selected and uniform retirement as well if selected that individual will get their uniform in a frame and given to them at half time during the Hall of Frame game.  

League Award Banquet- the award banquet end the season this is where awards is given out.     

sponsors-I am alway looking for help and sponsors if you like to be a sponsors you can contact me at 910-650-9456 or email me at, all sponsors will have their business name on a banner and place around the field and on our web site, come and see the different.