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  • All Games are Played on Wednesday Nights
  • At Nott Road Fields at 6:15 pm


League Update



The league is looking for four additional teams.




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Questions or concerns:
 Mike Washburn (Commissioner) - 518.339.8294
Mike Panzarino (Treasurer) - 518.441.0751
Nott Road Fields - 518.869.9884

Who's Paid

May 6, 2014





Hooters - $350.00

Cavoli - $350.00

CWA 1118 -$350.00

Tabers - $350.00


In Game Strategies

Base Running –
Be Aggressive! Make fielders throw you out. Always try for extra bases. No one will be upset if you are giving your all and are trying to help your team. Stretch singles into doubles and doubles into triples. Most fielders in this league are more likely to throw the ball away than to throw you out. Run aggressive!

Batting –
Take Pitches! Take Pitches! Take Pitches! Yes, this is a hitter’s league, but to win your team needs base runners. The good teams get on base and then place the ball to get their runners in. There are no fences. You are as likely to strike out, as you are to hit a HR. Take the walk or hit the single (that you stretch for a double) but just get on base. The two stats we should all care about is OBP (On Base Percentage) and TB (Total Bases).

Pitching –
Adjust. Adjust to the hitters. Adjust to the Umpires. Adjust to the situation. Evolve within the play of the game to take command of each batter. Hitters in softball will get their hits. It’s softball; the ball is as big as a grapefruit. Not everyone is Albert Pujols. Know who you can throw a pitch down the middle of the plate and get a pop out, and also know who you have to out smart, out think, and out pitch.

Fielding –
Be Smart. Keep the ball in front of you. Do not try to be the superstar on every play. Just make the routine play and not the amazing error. Out fielders have to hit the cut off men and need to talk to each other. Call a man off if you don’t hear anything from them. Infielders must stop the balls that are hit on the ground. If you can’t make the throw then just eat it. Be smart and not a superstar. You can win in this league by just playing smart and not trying to win the whole game on one play.