• Congrats Ajax - Western Lehigh Fall Fest Finalists!


Western Lehigh Fall Fest Finalists
Greetings from HFC Ajax!

We are a U14 (2013/2014) Boys Travel Soccer Team and represent the Harleysville Football Club, based in Harleysville, Pennsylvania. We play in the Delco Soccer League.

Our Philosophy.....Soccer is for Life. It is one of our primary goals to create a love and passion for soccer so we can encourage a life long appreciation and understanding to our boys as they cross from their youth into their teenage years. 

HFC Ajax - Coach John George, Manager Jon Emery
Feel free to have a look around our website. Thank you again for visiting. Look for us on the field.

For more information or to come join us. Click Here.


The team is always looking for other teams to engage in friendly scrimmages as we prepare for the fall season.

If you are a U14 travel team, we'd love to set up a scrimmage. Please contact Jon Emery at emery421@hotmail.com if interested.