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  • Welcome to the 2016 Season Havana Blast
  • Special welcome to newcomers, Matt Jupp, Ryan and Tyler Filsinger, Brian Herman and Greg Schutt
  • Season set to commence during the week of May 2 - 6
  • Opening Tournament schedulded for Friday May 27(Evening) and Saturday May 28
  • Thanks to all for getting your league fees in. Jersey's will be handed out asap.


Web site back up to date after a lengthy delay (Sorry bout that)

Player of the game race (you can see the player of the game and honorable mentions in each game's box score)

So far the race breaks down as follows.  Player of the game = 2pts, Honorable mention = 1pt.  Results go toward determining who the 2016 Blast MVP is.

1 - Johnny (6pog) = 12pts

2 - Brad (3pog 3hm) = 9pts

3  - Bobby (3pog 2hm) = 8pts

4  - Ryan (2pog 1 hm) = 5pts

5 - Jeff (2pog) = 4pts

6 - Brian (1pog 1hm) = 3pts

   - Ron (1pog 1 hm) = 3pts

   - Damian (1pog 1hm) = 3pts

8 - Hallsy (2hm) = 2pts

   - Kevin (1pog) = 2pts

   - Tyler (1pog) = 2pts

   - Shelby (2hm) = 2pts

   - Brandon (1hm) = 1pt

   - Burke (1hm) = 1pt

GOOD WORK BLAST TO FINISH .500 and tied for 4th after an 0-4 start to the season.