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February 3, 2018 – 09:00 AM

Come on out to Tim Hortons on Argyle across from Canadian Tire ..South of the River.. in Caledonia or to Tim Hortons Ohshweken on FEB 3rd anytime between 9am and noon and have a coffee with us while you get registered and learn about becoming a part of our River Dog Family ! 

Teams for everyone !

2018 Registrations NOW OPEN

August 28, 2017

The registration for the 2018 River Dog Programs is now open!

Early Registration is available at 2015 fees until Jan 1st 2018. 

River Pups  ages 3 to 5

Rally Caps  ages 6 to 9

Mosquito    ages 9 to 11 Girls to 12

Peewee     ages 12 to 13 Girls to 14

Bantam       ages 14 to 15 Girls to 16

Midget        ages 16 to 18  Girls to 19

Senior Girls /Women  16+  No age ceiling ! 

JR Men 22U

Men U34

Men 34+  No age ceiling !

Vintage 19+  Men to play 1860's era-specific base ball


UPDATE:   Still room on this team!   Winter clinics starting now!



GIrls ages 12 , 13, and 14 (not turning 15 during the 2018 calendar year, are invited to come out on  Wed Aug 30th at 6:30pm at Grant kett park (diamond by the quarry) #3 *The Dog Pound

Second Practice set for Sat Sept 9th at 2:00

Subsequent Practices TBD Please stay tuned to our Facebook page for more details or contact privately.   https://www.facebook.com/groups/1439465056295933/

PW Girls Birth Years 2004 to 2006.
Girls who are 11, turning 12 will be welcome and will be advised as to which division they best fit into,  mosquito or peewee.

All girls will start their team building through the winter with some social events and spring training will start in November one night a week *Wednesdays at McKinnon High school* to establish proper throwing, fielding and hitting mechanics as well to introduce pitching and catching, baserunning strategies, sliding and diving.  Conditioning will be a big part of the training.

 OCTOBER WINTER TEAM BUILDING is Set for Oct 21rd at Splitsville Lanes and Playdium Arcade  Please come out to practices or contact Jacy Flynn to RSVP !   All interested girls, all divisions,  are welcome !  Cost is $25 per participant.  Team Building, Bowling, Pizza (arcade recommends $10 to $20) 10:45 til 2:30

(need not yet be registered although early registration is OPEN and  encouraged to ensure 2017 rates!)

Winter Skills Training sessions will be  booked for Nov through April  for the Mosquito and peewee girls teams.   Peewee girls shall start in Nov, Mosquito girls invited to start in January, Peewee Boys will be invited to start in February and other divisions from ages 6 to 11 will start in March.

All are welcome !    Baseball skills will be taught and skills will develop as the team grows together :)

Please feel free to contact Jacy Flynn at info@hcmb.ca if you have any questions or wish to register for the program or spring training !

Wiffleball Fall Classic ! Cancelled. SPRING Date TBD

September 2, 2017 – 08:00 AM

Our League Fundraiser!

Wiffleball is a fun bat and ball game played with teams of only 4 competing on a V shaped field.  No baserunning makes this a great opportunity for everyone to come out and play!   Each team will have a pitcher, catcher and 2 fielders.   Pitchers throw to a target and hitters "advance" bases and score based on where the ball lands.  Fielders obtain out through strike outs and catching fly balls and stopping grounders early. 

Games are only 3 innings long and so its a fast game!

Each team will pay $40, register their team at the left in one of 3 divisions.
Youth ages 8 to 10/11

Adolescent ages 12 to 15

Adult 16+

We hope to have many teams come out and play!  Funds are used to purchase new equipment for our youth teams thus keeping memberships low as possible.


Come on out and join us Labour day weekend and have some Baseball Fun !

Grant Kett Park diamond 3, through til Sunday if we get as many teams as we hope to ! 




October 1, 2017 – 01:30 PM

All are welcome to attend our AGM   Location :  TBA


Review of 2017 year

Preview of 2018 year

Dissolving of 2017 executive

Nomination and election of 2018 executive

Positions that are coming available include

Vice President

Community Liaison




Southern County Representative

Equipment Manager


Hamilton Regional Representative

Niagara Regional Representative

Information and descriptions are found under Contacts

None of these jobs are "hard" they are shared with other committee members and we all work together.  All training and support is provided.

Coaches and Convenor's also needed

Head and Assistant Coaches

Peewee Boys

Assistant coaches and bench staff

Teeball Academy Boys

*current police screen, Mandatory Clinics in Feb (team building), NCCP initiation plus 1.  Details and volunteer letter available !

No experience needed   Full training

2016 River Dog Family Picnic and Award Day !

September 18, 2016 – 12:30 PM

ALL who registered and participated in practices, ex games and / or any or all tournaments are welcome !

Mosquito !

Peewee Girls !  

Siblings, parents and supporters!

Please join us at Edinburgh Square next sunday Sept 18th at 12;30 (or a bit earlier if you wish)

We will have relays, team building activities (non baseball!), potluck and awards to celebrate and thank our

children for being such great sports, great athletes who want to learn, get better and have fun, and who have come so far in their baseball season! 

Please RSVP to Coach Jacy, so planning can be done in advance (We have wiffleball, girls peewee tryouts and this picnic event this coming week, so its really imperative that we plan well!)  and sign up for potluck!
Hope you will all be able to attend !  

We will accept donations of outgrown cleats or gloves, Canadian Tire money,  and pennies.

CT money will be donated to wesley urban ministries for the Hamilton Homeless Baseball League.  Pennies will used to increase our Library needs for our young readers! 



New Executive Forming

December 12, 2014 – 07:00 PM

Everyone is invited to attend on Friday Dec 12th at 7PM to help elect in a new executive of the Caledonia Minor Hardball Association!
We will be looking for Nominees willing to stand for the following positions

Houseleague Coordinator

Select Coordinator

Umpire Scheduler

Tournament Director

Community Coordinator



Equipment Manager




All are welcome.   You need not have experience nor children playing to sit on the executive.   We are looking for Coaches, umpires, players.   Clinics are available and mandatory for all coaches and umpires.  PLEASE CONTACT for details asap.

Please invite others and please contact Jacy Flynn at  abequeacademy@Hotmail.com to nominate in members, ask questions, or to get other informatio




What is it?

Full skills training from the ground up.   Mechanics and fundamentals of throwing, catching, fielding, hitting and running!  Great way to warm up for the 2016 season !   (does not include summer season registration)

We will be working at River Heights Elementary School on Forfar street in Caledonia.  


Boys ages 6 to 8 (not 9 before May 1st)                                                                                                                                         Girls ages 6 to 9 (not 10 before May 1st)                                                                                                                      Tuesdays commencing March 8th  6:30 til 8:30                                                                                                                             $25


Boys ages 9 to 13/14  (turned 9 as of May 1st)                                                                                                                               Girls 10 to 14 (turned 10 as of May 1st)                                                                                                                         Mondays commencing March 7th  6:30 til 8:30                                                                                                                             $25


Girls ages 15 and up **NO age ceiling                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Boys ages 15+ and men welcome                                                                                                                                       

1st hour conditioning including instruction in Kettlebell Training, Anaconda rope, sandbags, slamballs, skipping,           speed and partner work

2nd hour   Baseball SKills training, mechanics.   Focus on injury free fundamentals 

Under age 18 $25   Adults over 18 $50  


*Clinics run weekly through the last week of April except Good Friday, Easter Monday, March break, PD days, and any weather related school closures (no make up clinics)

Community Registrations each week available as well.  


April 16, 2016 – 09:30 AM

Come on out and get one of the spots remaining on one of our youth teams!

Divisions include

Jr Teeball for ages 3 to 5

Teeball Academy 6 to 8 (boys) 9 (girls)

Mosquito boys 9 to 11

Peewee girls 10 to 14

Other divisions are pending community registration  may include

Bantam ages 12 to 15

Midget ages 16 to 18

JR 21U

Men 34U Mean 35+

Women 17+ (no age celling! All welcome !)


Limited space on teams !  Filling Fast !  

please email info@hcmb.ca  for additional details or personal registration opportunities 



2016 River Dogs Wiffleball Tournament

September 17, 2016

Come on out out and join the fun! 
Sept 17th
With your team (only 4 per team!) and work towards the TOP DOG title !  
Single players can register and be put on a team! 

Click here to register.

Wiffle ball is a bat and ball game played with special plastic balls with holes in them and light bats designed for hitting them. 

Played on a field with no bases the hitters progress towards scoring will be determined by where the ball lands on the playing field before being caught by a fielder. Fielders can stop a hitter from advancing by throwing the ball and hitting the backstop or can put them out by catching the ball in the air.  A tally keeper will track for both teams as to where the "runners" are as they hit singles doubles triples or put it out of the park! Umpires will rule on ball location, caught balls, swinging strikes, and fouls.

Download the 2016 Wiffleball Tournament Rules

Community Registration for 2016 Season

Our first community registration session for the 2016 season will occur on Friday, January 29  from 5:00 to 6;30PM in the lobby at Zehrs! We will be back again on Saturday, January 30 from 1:30 to 3:00PM.


Every Monday Tuesday and Friday evening at 6:15 til 9pm  Starting March 7th

Note:  school is closed Good Friday, Easter Monday, March Break.   Email Registrar@haldimandcountyminorbaseball.com to check on other school closures including weather and PD days and to set up alternate registration during these periods

Online registeration at the left, see "registrations 2016

and visit us on facebook !  

Puddle Day

May 7, 2016 – 11:00 AM

The River Dogs will be participating in the Puddle Day event to held at MT Hope, behind the library off Homestead Drive,  this coming Saturday May 7th.   The event runs from 11am til 2pm.   CHildren can wear their River Dogs jerseys if they have one !   

Splash boots should be worn and we will be accepting donations of splash boots to share within our greater community with children in need. 

The event is a big event aimed at supporting Bereaved Families through activities that appeal to chlidren and their families.  

After the event, you are invited to join us at Sugar Dandy's in Caledonia, for a sweet treat!   A valued Community Partnership sponsor!   Meeting up around 2:30 if you wish to support this sponsor in the name of the Haldimand County RIver Dogs. 

Girls & Women’s hardball: We’re Here !


Girls & Women’s hardball: We’re Here ! 

Developmental Teeball for Girls

The HWBBC has had 2 very successful seasons with our Fledging program for
girls ages 6 to 9.  The Fledglings practice weekly and work towards two big 
tournaments at the conclusion of the summer, Civic and Labour day weekends. Last year we had 2 teams competing in the Ancaster World Teeball and Dundas
Teeball tournaments and this coming season we hope to include a Fledgling team
from Haldimand! This program is just what you are looking for!  Supplemental in
nature with experienced, qualified and invested coaching staff to teach the youngsters how to become competitive teeballers!  The girls look forward to a fun
season with other girls and will be taught the fundamentals, game strategies, position awareness, batting strategies specific to Teeball and they will have fun !


Haldimand County Cubs Girls baseball ! 

Peewee and Ladies level 


The Hamilton Women’s Baseball Club is very excited to be expanding and to be
partnering up with the Caledonia Minor Hardball Association and the Royal York
Baseball League to ensure a wonderful team building season for our young girls
ages 9 to 14.  The Haldimand County Cubs and the Hamilton Red Birds will play
against girls from Etobicoke and will work towards several tournaments throughout
the season.

The ultimate goal is to teach the fundamentals of the game and to create a competitive forum in which to emerge the athletes that we are!


Haldimand County Cubs: Ladies 

Affiliated with the Ontario Women's baseball League (OWBL) the Haldimand County Cub women will play primarily weekend events in the GTA,
**mostly at Henning Park and at Heritage Green Park in Hamilton against teams
from Royal York, Annette, Scarborough, and the Hamilton Lady Cardinals. Participation in CAN AM, and the opportunity to travel to other tournaments is a
great way to build athleticism, ball sense, community spirit and  develop lifelong
friendships in ball.  Skill and enthusiasm trumps experience!  Come join us ! 



Important life skills




Important life skills are often learned through our early sporting experiences! The HWBBC and the CMHA along with our affiliates are dedicated to instilling and demonstrating sportsmanship, fair play, equality and mentorship to all our youngsters.

Children will be taught in addition to baseball, the value of teamwork, punctuality, respectful conduct, and conflict resolution. Your child’s smile after baseball events is our ultimate reward. We are counting on a wildly successful season as our CUBS — Boys, Girls, Women players and our dedicated coaching staff and game volunteers show their claws for the first time in many years and take the baseball world by storm!.

"Attitude trumps Ability. Belonging is Beautiful. Challenges reveal Character"
*remembering Sydney Alexandra Wood. Our little sister in sport. 2001 - 2012


REGISTRATION 2017 Coming soon !

October 1, 2016

The 2017 season's registration will open starting Oct 1st 2016

Divisions that will be made available hinging number of registrated players and qualified coach volunteers will include:

RIVER PUPS (Formerly JR Teeball) for ages 4 and 5 boys and girls

Houseleague Teeball for ages 6 and 7 boys and girls

Coach Pitch for ages 8 and 9 boys and girls

Mosquito for boys ages 9 to 11 and girls ages 10 to 12

Peewee Boys for ages 12 and 13

Peewee Girls for ages 12 (discretionary tyrouts) to age 14

Bantam for boys ages 14 and 15 and girls ages 15 and 16 *coed

Midget ages 16 to 18 Girls to 19

JR ages 21U (not 22 during the calendar year

Women ages 16 + (no age ceiling)

Men ages 22+ (maybe divided into a youngtimers and oldtimers team.  34U/35+)

Vintage 1860 ages 19+  

Winter baseball clinics and bootcamps offered through March and April TBA

Coaches Clinics (mandatory) to be offered through February (NCCP info will also be made available to coaches in order to ensure OBA qualifications in addition to our HCMB league standards)