Calendar winners !!!

1-Dave Geddes, 2-Ron Brickey, 3-J. Wettergreen, 4-Gail Garcia, 5-Stacey Buckley, 6-Michelle Aldrich, 7-Deb Zakrezewski, 8-Steve Evans, 9-Al Jones, 10 - Robin Nichols-Cruz, 11- Brenda Gardner

The number represents day of the month that each winner was drawn.

Checks have been cut by the treasurer and will be distributed. If you would like to pick it up on the field at one of the practices please let us know. Thank you all who contributed.



Molly Ireland from our very own D14 Cheer Team, has made the NH Elite D14 Blue Team!!!  Molly will not only be representing the state of NH at Nationals in Florida, she will be representing the HLB!  Congrats Molly!  Your bears family is very proud of you!




Welcome to the Home of the Bears!


 Season 2018 has begun!!





        Congratulations to Miley Auger on being awarded the

Nicole Jacques Scholarship!









 We also have the following Board Positions open for this upcoming season: To apply follow the link under "coach applications" on the right side of the home page and note on the form which role you are applying for.


Football Equipment Manager

 Any questions please email the President Jessica Mackey through this website. 



to the AAA Recipients!  We are so proud of your achievements!



GOLD Devin Scott
GOLD Leo Reynolds
GOLD Alexis Darrigo
GOLD Alexander Blais
GOLD Scott Hershberger
GOLD Ryan  Rocheleu
SILVER Isabella Camargo
SILVER Molly Ireland
SILVER Tyler  Dupuis 
SILVER Robyn Mackey
SILVER Dylan  McCarthy
SILVER Zachary Peters
SILVER Connor Gibson
SILVER Sean Cryan
SILVER Miley Auger
SILVER Julius Locke
SILVER Ashley Nadeau
SILVER Julian Goode
SILVER Camryn Carrier
SILVER Kayla Conrow
SILVER Shawn Boudreau
SILVER Riley Peterson
SILVER Emily Menon
SILVER Geoffrey Keegan
SILVER Lauren Arena
SILVER Preston Ball
SILVER Cameran Bourbeau
SILVER Jayden Chandler
SILVER Emma  Pascoe
SILVER Krista Lajoie
SILVER Andrew Deely
SILVER Kayla Seidlich
SILVER Nicholas Hershberger
SILVER Caroline Roderick
SILVER Madison Zakos
SILVER Zachary Poulin
SILVER Victoria D'Ambra
BRONZE Brody  Pascoe
BRONZE Cameron Kennedy
BRONZE Emma Fopiano
BRONZE Mercedes Smith
BRONZE Hannah Anger
BRONZE Maxamus Aldrich
BRONZE Ryan Carter
BRONZE Jaylene Nelson
BRONZE Nevaeh Alvarez
BRONZE Lexi Dube
BRONZE Cameron Porter
BRONZE Courtney Peaslee
BRONZE Conner Anger
BRONZE Ava Biskaduros
BRONZE Makenzie  Franek
BRONZE Makayla Chadwick






Happy New Year Bears Families! Save the date for our 2017 Season Banquet celebration! 

March 9th, 2018






Parents...We have received a few complaints from our neighbors about parking, trash and smoking on the streets that surround HMS.  As a result, we are banning parking on all residential streets that surround Hudson Memorial School.  There is ample parking within the School and next to the lower field (in the baseball parking lot).  Also, please respect their land and space while walking/smoking on the streets.


2018 Coaching Position Application

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