Hello all teams I have put together a playoff schedule so hopefully this will work for all the teams and i wont have to change anything. The team listed as the home team will be responsible for getting the bases during the week day games. The team with the higher seed will get home game during the round Robin and crossover games. Championship is a coin toss. Al games are 7 innings with a 10 run rule after 5. Any games that are a 10 run will only be scored as a max plus or minus 7 


  • Sept 10 Shore club vs Billy Joe's- Shore Club win 8 to 6
  • Sept 11 Firehawks vs Bluefins -Tie 4 to 4
  • Sept 12 Basin Lakers  vs Billy Joe's Basin Laker win -7 to 5
  • Sept 13 Bluefins  vs Fowl Balls Fowlballs win -13 to 6
  • Sept 16 Shore club vs Fowlballs Fowlballs win-12 to 2
  • Sept 17 Firehawks vs Basin Lakers Basin Lakers win -8 to 2 
  • Sept 18 Billy Joe's vs Fowl Balls- Billy Joe's win 10-3
  • Sept19 Basin Lakers vs Bluefins 
  • Sept 20 Shore club vs Firehawks 
  •             SATURDAY SEPT 22nd 2018 
  • 800am Fowlballs vs Firehawks 
  • 910am Basin Lakers vs Fowlballs 
  • 1020am Shore club vs Bluefins
  • 1130 Billy Joe's vs Firehawks 
  • 1240 Basin Lakers vs shore club 
  • 150 Billy Joe's vs Bluefins 
  • 300  1st vs 4th 
  • 410  2nd vs 3rd 
  • 530  Championship 

Welcome everyone