November 3, 2013

Wrestling Code of conduct policy


What is Hazlet Wrestling?


Hazlet Youth Wrestling is real wrestling - the world’s oldest and greatest sport - not the acting you see on television. It permits boys of any size and weight to compete for personal pride and glory, where success is not necessarily determined by ones natural athletic ability, but by the size of ones heart. Wrestling teaches young men the value of hard work, discipline, commitment, and perseverance - qualities that will serve them well in life. Some of our nations greatest leaders competed in wrestling as young men - Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, George Patton, Norman Schwarzkopf and Donald Rumsfeld to name a few. In addition, a recent study by the NCAA revealed that wrestlers on average were considered to be the least injured athletes, carried the highest overall grade point average of student athletes. 

Character, Discipline and Commitment are what Hazlet Youth Wrestling is all about! The focus of the program is learning the fundamentals of the sport while gaining valuable mat experience. All practices take place at Hazlet Middle School and/or Raritan High School and are directed and overseen by designated, experienced wrestling coaches who are assisted by current and former wrestlers who show an aptitude and ability for developing young athletes.







Our program consists of 1st thru 8th grades. We start wrestling in early November and continue until early March.
We currently have teams in two leagues:

The Mid-Jersey league which is a 6th grade and under program, we place a Varsity and J.V. teams in this league.

The Jersey Shore Junior Wrestling League, which is a 8th grade and under league.

We pride ourselves in helping our wrestlers prepare for wrestling in the Hazlet Middle School and then on to Raritan High School.

The Wrestler's Creed:

Nothing prepares us for
life more than wrestling. It
is the oldest sport. It is

Wrestling bonds us in
brotherhood, giving us the
power to overcome as
brothers. Through
wrestling, we will meet all
of life's challenges without
fear. We will be