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"Redeem Our Kids"

Our kids are who we must spend time directing them to be better citizens and new leaders, thus our kids is where we try to mentor and develop through our programs, youth sports (football, wrestling, basketball etc.) and more. Inner-City Youth Sports League is the name of our youth sports league. The reason we created such space and activities is so our fans/parents support/breath new life into the kids so they/we are proud. Our educational and social skills programs includes field trips (fishing, camping, organizational skills, ect. "hope to include tutoring soon") to enhance their self worth and be a positive contributor to society.

 Mr. Keith Little Pres.


All coaches affiliated with Inner-City Youth Athletics Program & NAYCE Program, are responsible for fostering collaborative relationships with each player in a nurturing environment that will enhance intellectual, ethical, athletic team spirit and social development. In the spirit of this association’s commitment to service, its board of directors foster a safe environment which promotes fundamentals, sportsmanship, dicipline, developement and hard work.


Our League:
Invites your Youth Athletics Program to join and participates in the "Inner-City Youth Sports League". Our league specifics on our no weight limits football teams can be found in our rules in the Handouts tab on the menu. Players will be placed in teams position according to their age level and weight. We know some leagues in the Cincinnati area will not allow your child participate if he/she is over the weight limit for their age group. ICYS League was formed to give every child a fair opportunity to show off his/her skills in a safe Environment with teams consisting of ages 4-12

ICYS League General Meetings

Inner-City Youth Sports League meets every first Wednesday of the month for general meetings, starting March thru December. The Executive Board will have several called meetings to prepare for general meetings (usually year round).

Please contact us if intrested


 ICYS League Youth Athletics mission Statement

The Inner-City Youth Sports League Athletics Program presents to the athletes, parents and volunteers a positive learning experience, through the education of fundamental development, continuous skill-assessments, discipline and preparation to learning and network with others. This association, as well as its coaches, promotes diversity by welcoming everyone regardless of geographics, religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds to participate in our activities,. To pursue comradership in which we can network. ICYS League encourages Excellence, Professional Development, Awareness, Education, and Networking, with the end result of creating honor and acceptance though communication, diversity and hard work!.