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OBA Arm Care Evolution

The following article speaks to the prevention of arm trouble with our minor league players.  In the 2020 season there is a proposal to adjust the pitch count rule going forward.  This article will give coaches and parents information going forward as we prepare for these new proposed rules being used in the Inter County.  Please click on the link below for the article from OBA


Arm Care Evolution

ICBA Important Dates for 2018

ICBA Player Release and Release Appeal Procedures

September 12, 2018

If you are currently with a Local Association within ICBA and you wish to play for another local within ICBA you must first ask for a release from your current home association.  IE: Cambridge MBA. If your home association is another centre ie: your home address is another centre other than the centre you are currently playing with you must go back to you home association and request a new release.

Please Click Here and Complete This Form after receiving your local release. 

After A Release Has Been Granted From Your Local, the ICBA will follow-up with any local or locals that the player would need to pass through (Appendix "B" ICBA constitution) in order to get to the new association the player wishes to play for.  If the player wishes to play outside of the ICBA then the affiliate will grant the player an out of affiliate release letter for the player to take to the new affiliate center they wish to play for. All locals have 5 days to respond to the pass-through request. Locals have the right to deny a pass-through if they wish to have the player try-out for one of their teams.  Currently a team is designated by it's division only and not by Tier 1 or Tier 2.  Eg.  A local only has to offer a team in Peewee to a player regardless of Tier number.  If you require further assistance please contact the ICBA registrar.

The following document will give players the required information to appeal a denied local release that has been requested by a player or parent.  Please click on the links below for further information. Please note that the ICBA has up to 30 days to hold a requested appeal hearing on a denied release.

ICBA release & appeal procedures


Player signing information from OBA


Players wishing to Play with an Inter Lock Partner!

Note:  Under current Inter-Lock rules players will  be allowed to sign with an Inter Lock partner and play within the ICBA provided they meet the following criteria.  The player must have tried out for their home association or been released by their home association.  Once they have that release they must pass through every other association within the Inter County. (Contact ICBA registrar)  If they receive a pass through release from all other locals they then may request an affiliate release allowing the player the opportunity to sign with an Inter Lock partner for the next playing season. 


For further information regarding Releases:

Players and Parents looking for assistance in obtaining releases from their local association or from the affiliate please contact the ICBA registrar Brenda Wideman at the following address.  icbarosters@gmail.com


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