• Registration now open for Iron League Season #6!
  • Season begins Friday Oct.5 9:30pm


Vision and Mission:

  We are a group of individuals who come together once a week to play the game we all love. Our goals for each season are to have some great hockey games each week that are competitive and clean, and to grow new and old friendships.

  This is not a development league for future NHLers, and nobody should treat it as such. Everyone is encouraged to try their best and work hard, but things like “sparking the club with a hit” DO NOT exist in our hockey league.  There will be no tolerance for players that model themselves after Sean Avery and Steve Ott, as we all have to go to work and lead regular lives.  All league members are expected to be gracious, patient, and demonstrate mutual respect in and through their actions.

  We have an ILH Board of Governors (9 Representatives) that address conflicts as they arise, and every league member is asked to respect their decisions.  We are also pleased to have good and personable refs, and all players are required to respect their efforts each week.

  This league is designed for us to have fun, be competitive, and build relationships.  We are dedicated to continually improving our league to make it one of the best skates in London and we are pleased to have good friends to do this with. 

Chris Standish & Derek Yost

Co-Founders of Iron League Hockey