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2019 Roller Hockey   [More Info]

March 12, 2019

Hey all, 

The season for registration for Spring 2019 has begun! If you are unable to make the signup dates at the rink, feel free to sign up online. 


Step 1: Print out the form for either the Adult league (individual or team form) or the Children's league. 

Step 2: Fill out form will all necessary information. 

Step 3: Rescan form, or take a photo with your phone. (Photo needs to have all lines able to be read clearly)

Step 4: Click the appropriate Paypal link ($85 for Kids, 150 for Adult, 1250 for full team)

Step 5: Follow the on-screen instructions from Paypal to complete your order.

Step 6: Rejoice! You're in! 

Welcome all!


The 2019 Jackson Roller Hockey Season is kicking off with registrations throughout the month of March! Every Saturday from March 9 through the 30th, we will be doing registrations at the rink from 9am - 12pm. Come out and sign up for an excellent year of fun and exciting hockey. 


Cant wait to see you guys there!

Joshua Saar - League Director