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Shooters 3v3 indoor lacrosse!!!

Great opportunity to play a little 3 on 3 Box Lacrosse in partnership with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Lightning Made Training Center is located at 6910 Asphalt Ave Tampa, FL 33614 Unit B. 

The league runs for 8 weeks and starts on Saturday, October 12th. This program is for children of all skill levels, ages 4-16 years old. For most of the weeks the games will be played between 8am-12pm. A schedule will be sent out beforehand.

The league is divided into: 6U (4-6 y.o.), 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, and 16U.

It will cost only $95 per child. 

Dates (Saturdays):

  • October 12th
  • October 19th
  • October 26th
  • November 2nd
  • November 9th
  • November 23rd
  • December 7th
  • December 14th

Format: Each week 20 minutes of instruction, followed by a game that will be 3 periods each 10 minutes long. The games will be 3 V 3.

League: http://bit.ly/FallLax2019


Registration is now open for the JLC Fall season.  Practices will begin the week of August 25th at AHN.  Games will begin the week of September 8th on Sunday afternoon's at Skyway park.  Use this link, REGISTRATION FORM LINK, to download a registration packet.

Checking E-mail

I sent out an e-mail this morning regarding this weeks coming events. If you are having trouble getting e-mails from me:

1. Check your Junk mail
2. list the Jaguar Lacrosse Club as a trusted site
3. list doylebeast@verizon.net as trusted, that's me.

Viewing Schedules

When trying to view the entire schedule from the home page, click the link that says "for complete schedule click here". When the page comes up, use the drop down menu to select the correct team. Keep checking the schedule for changes and mistakes( I make some).

What we are

     The Jaguar Lacrosse Club (JLC) is a post-season/off-season team that participates       in the Shooters lacrosse league during the summer and fall seasons.  The summer season is during the months of May and June.  The fall season is during the months of August, September, and October. 

Registration is dealt with on a seasonal basis.  We are currently registering for the summer season (Registration form is on the next page).

     The JLC will field three teams at Shooters, based on age: Under 9 (U-9),  Under 11 (U-11), and Under 13 (U-13).  Age is determined by the players’ age  previous to August 31, 2013. 

     Players need equipment, specifically:  Helmet, shoulder pads, armguards, gloves, mouthpiece, cup, cleats, and of course, a stick.  I recommend shopping for equipment at the Play It Again Sports at Britton Plaza in South Tampa off of Dale Mabry.  They have a wide selection of new and used equipment to choose from.


The JLC is social media connected, so:

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Like to keep connected through Apps?  We have one for Android and iphone/pod/pad

Visit iTunes or Google Play and search for: Jaguar Lacrosse Club.


and LAX OUT LOUD!!:)

Private Lessons are available

If you are interested in Private Lessons, they will be available starting next week.  The week of October 12th.

Lessons will be offered Monday - Thursday, from 5:00-6:00

The cost for lessons is as follows:

One lesson per week-- $40.00

Two lessons per week-- $60.00

Three or more lessons per week-- $75.00

Lessons will be limited to 6 individuals per lesson to maximize instruction time.  So, to reserve spots, email me.  I will be posting these reservations into the Jaguar Lacrosse Club app, which is available in the App Store and Google Play.  You can use this when selecting time slots.

Social media... Here we come!!

The JLC is working to stay current and top of mind. That being said, we are now on twitter as well as facebook. So, if you would please..
Like us on Facebook!!
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Shop for the gear at prepsportswear.com Use the link on the welcome page right above this!!

Let's get ready for some great Lacrosse!!

Respect the Game

The Game of lacrosse was given to our people by the Creator to play for his amusement. Just as a parent will gain much amusement at the sight of watching his child playing joyfully with a new gift, so it was intended that the Creator be similarly amused by viewing his "children" playing lacrosse in a manner which was so defiant of fatigue. This is our belief, and when the four Great Messengers cam, the Creator reiterated to us that his game should be played.

There is a long history of speculation about where the game of lacrosse originated, but as Natives of North America, this question has little significance. We do not wonder who invented lacrosse, or when and where; our ancestors have been playing the game for centuries - for the Creator.

Tewaarathon was not just played to call the Creator's attention to the efforst of the medicine people or simply for one's personal enjoyment and physical fitness. Tewaareathon, because it came from the Creator himself, was also played to bestow honor and respect ot these members living on Mother Earth who had done great things for the Nation. Related to this, Tewaarathon also constituted a means of offering thanksgiving to tyhe Creator for having allowed an elder or medicine person to remain with the Nation so that person could continue to share the richness of his full life with the younger members.

It is true that Tewaarathon (or lacrosse) does demand physical fitness, and participants would train for many months to prepare themselves for these important games, but what is more significant is that our people believed that all things on Mother Earth were a gift of the Creator and following the Creator's instructions. Because lacrosse was such a gift, the difficult training for Tewaarathon was not seen as a burden of work, but rather this training was enjoyed as a preparation to partaking in a precious gift. A participant in Tewaarathon believed that his ability to play was a gift itself and that the enjoyment of playing rested in freely giving his best effort. Because only the participant really knew when his effort had been well prepared and complete, the training for Tewaarathon was related to enjoying one's gift in the view of the very one who had been so generous. It is unfortunate that the fervour which our people took to the field of play was often misinterpreted by the European eye which was untrained to the relationship between the Indian, Tewaarathon, and the Creator. As for the players, in a game of such great importance, there were no bad feelings for any accidental gestures because both teams realized the sincerity of the effort.

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